CvC: TNA's Eric Young Deserves a World Championship

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIOctober 22, 2010 has a very special competition for it's writers. It can only be done for those who are B/R writers and winning one of these competitions makes one look great in the eyes of his or her peers on B/R. The competition is called creature vs creature, as we are called Bleacher Creatures.

I signed up for one about what current or former WWE or TNA talent deserves(d) a World Title.

My pick was pretty easy, because the man I chose is probably one of the best talents to never even get close to a World Title.

I picked Eric Young, simply because he has all the skills to be a World Champion and yet he is only really used as comic relief. Sure, the man can be hilarious and we've seen that he can really make an audience love him. But it has also been proven that he can get really big heat as a heel and yet TNA never capitalized on that.

Young headed up a group called World Elite at one point, and the faction was never really used as well as it could have been. It disbanded out of no where and it was pretty sad to see. TNA really only focused their attention on the Main Event Mafia at the time, so World Elite was put on the back burner despite having some great young talent.

Young was the leader of one of the more unique groups ever to be formed in pro-wrestling, yet TNA just casted him and the group aside in favor of the former WWE and WCW names. It's sad but true.

During his heel turn as the leader of World Elite, he introduced us to the Global Championship. It was formerly the Legends Title that Booker T formed. Many within the IWC loved the name change as it was highly needed for TNA to have a great secondary title that all could hold at any point no matter the weight or style of a wrestler.

The Global Title was even killed off and transformed into the Television Title when AJ Styles beat Rob Terry for the title. Terry won it from Young many months before.

Styles has rarely defended the title.

So anything the World Elite ever accomplished or made any mark in TNA's history books were pretty much erased.

So, Young being apart of the group never really helped his case in the eyes of marks or management.

Young had to, for a long period of time, be only the comic of TNA. And sure, while he was funny, we all knew Young deserved more. This was why his heel turn was so loved by the IWC, as many felt he deserved more than he was getting.

Seriously TNA, Super Eric? Really??

This is not a Santino type of character who has limited in-ring skill and has no look of a World Champion. Young has mic skills, wrestling ability, and the look and drive of a World Champion if given the freakin opportunity.

Young has had to deal with only being a mid-card comic babyface for years and now TNA has made him go back to that. And yeah, it's funny. But, doesn't he deserve more? I mean, afterall, he proved he can be great.

It's so sad that a man with such raw talent is misused as much as Young is.

TNA has such a great talent here who has stuck around this organization while others left it for greener pastures.

Despite being misused Young has stuck around TNA and has done anything and everything asked of him. Considered by many to be TNA's Chris Jericho, Young can be a face and a heel yet thrives as a heel.

I understand if a man who is given an opportunity and blows it is  put back down into jobber or mid-card status. But Young excelled to mass proportions and has done the best he possibly could yet has reaped no rewards.

Heck, his contract proves that.

He has the ability to be the future of TNA, as he is only 30 years old. Why not do more with him TNA? I mean really?

If I were in TNA's shoes, I would put Young in a place of which fans would love him, but he'd also be a threat at any point.

The man is a former multi-time tag team champion and X-Division Champion in TNA, not to mention the Global Champion, as I stated earlier.

He has proved he can hold a singles title well of given the chance. So, why not TNA? Are you afraid to have a TNA original other than AJ Styles shine? But hey TNA, I'm just saying.



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