Chalmers to start at Point Guard?

Lucas RifkinContributor IAugust 21, 2008

The Miami Heat had a horrible season in 2007-2008, earning them the No. 2 pick in the NBA draft. They added a huge piece in young Forward, Michael Beasley. Questions remain at two key positions, center and point guard.

Already on their roster, the Heat have young semi-talented guards in Marcus Banks and severely underestimated Chris Quinn. After the draft, the Heat completed a trade that may have ended their search for a starting point guard.

Most outstanding player in the 2008 NCAA Final Four, Mario Chalmers was brought to the Miami Heat. With very impressive showing on the Heat's summer league team, people began asking, can we start this kid? Well as of today there are developments and a possible answer to this question.

Miami's beloved star, Dwyane Wade has leaked information that can be pointing the finger right in Chalmers' direction as the next starting point guard for the Heat.

In an interview in Beijing, Wade was quoted saying, "I really believe in our point guard, Mario Chalmers, I think he can be great for us and surprise a lot of people".

Some analysts believe that this could have been a bit of a slip of the tongue by Wade. New Head Coach Erik Spoelstra, who is also good friends with his star, may have called Wade to let him know who he'll be sharing the back court with this season. Wade may have thought this news was already public and decided to mention it to reporters. This is not known for sure.

Keep your eyes peeled and wait and see if the Heat are willing risk starting two rookies.

(Can't really hurt them to try, right?)