Is Rutgers Starting Up the Rocket?

Double G Sports@DoubleGSportsCorrespondent IOctober 22, 2010

By now, it's no secret the Rutgers offense has not been able to find it's running game. The wildcat plays with Mohamed Sanu have been the only somewhat consistent form of rushing for Rutgers this season.

Since Chas Dodd has taken over the quarterback role, the Scarlet Knights have been more of a spread team. Dodd has been able to throw the ball all over the field to multiple receivers.

When Dodd has time to throw it works out great. Time to throw is something that has been a rare commodity for the Rutgers quarterbacks. We saw it with Tom Savage and last week we saw it again against Army.

The Rutgers offensive line is still not getting the job done. Rutgers is allowing 4.33 sacks per game, the most in the country. That's right, on average, Rutgers is allowing the most sacks per game of all 120 teams.

The Pittsburgh Panthers host Rutgers tomorrow afternoon and have two exceptional pass rushing defensive ends, Brandon Lindsey and Jabaal Sheard. Each of them has five sacks so far this season.

If Rutgers plans to throw the ball often, the offensive line will need to protect the passer. Dodd will need to do his part and get rid of the ball. Too many times, Savage and Dodd have held onto the ball too long, allowing the defense more time to reach them.

Of course, another way to prevent the pass rush is to find a running game. Starting running back, Joe Martinek has been inconsistent as has true freshman Jordan Thomas. Neither play has really been able to find a groove.

Opposing defenses have no reason to fear the Rutgers running game.

Some of the issues affecting the running game are the offensive line, injuries, and play calling. Maritnek is not a speed runner and the offensive play calling continues to try and run him around the edge. The running plays are becoming overly predictable.

With Martinek and Thomas unable to get the running game going, Rutgers often turns to the wildcat package. Wide receiver Mohamed Sanu controls this package and has had success. Sanu, who leads the team in both rushing and receiving, is averaging 5.5 yards per carry. That average is a bit exaggerated however due to a handful of very long runs.

The wildcat package has even gotten to be to predictable.

Now what?

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