Lebron's World Domination Halted By Kobe

Ralph isaacAnalyst IAugust 21, 2008

No this article is not a knock on Lebron. It's not an article to denigrate anything he has done neither. He's one of the best players in the league. It's not another who's better than the other article. This is about how "word of mouth and first hand account" will always be more effective than the corporate hype known as Nike and network TV.

Lebron had a plain for china: "world domination". Everything was set over here in the states, he had a Time Magazine cover which states that Lebron was the number one athlete to watch for in Beijing; he had a prime interview slot from CNN talking about Team USA on how he was going to lead it and put the United States back on top of the basketball world.

He had a commercial with Yao Ming, china's most popular athlete. With the stars aligned for him, world domination was all but guaranteed.

As always, something always go wrong with these "100% success plans". And that was Kobe bean Bryant. The same athlete Time Magazine had ranked as No. 29 on its "athletes to watch for" list.

You mean to tell me Lebron's people or his connects didn't have anything to do with that? He's a competitor too, there's no way he'd have Kobe near him in a "athletes to watch" list.

He is also a top 20 celebrity, so don't lecture me on thinking too much on how much leverage he had with Time Magazine. I'm not the only one who called bluff on that list, numerous national sports show and credible writers thought it was weird that Kobe was twenty-nine on the list. They had athletes you'd never heard before ahead of him on it.

But Lebron was in for a rude awakening the moment they set foot in China. He found out that Kobe was big outside the U.S., even bigger than Yao Ming himself. There are some news reports that some fans cry after meeting Kobe or receiving an autograph from him. Some of his teammates compare it to the Beatles.

Kobe might have kept quiet on this to his teammates but a year or two ago, Kobe had police people stop him on his way out of his jet, to ask him an autograph, it was at the request of a high government Chinese official.

I'm not gonna ask nor try to create conspiracies because I know If i was in Lebron's shoes, I'd be pissed too. I had everything arranged and Kobe came and messed it up.

In fact, one can argue that china has helped Kobe more than Lebron. Rush Limbaugh defended and praised Kobe! I didn't make a mistake, "Rush Limbaugh"! You have CNN and other major news channel also requesting interviews.

That's like trying to get with a girl, you badmouth a guy who might be competition. You go and pick the girl up, you find out that the same bad guy you badmouthed is already there living with the girl. To make matters worse, they are engaged to be married...Ain't that a B****?