Fuel to the Fire: The Ohio State Perspective on Rich Rodriguez

RyanCorrespondent IDecember 17, 2007

IconSo Rich Rodriguez has been hired to coach The Team Up North, and prep phenom Terrelle Pryor has said, "Add Michigan to my list."

It makes me wonder whether the coach or his potential recruit know anything about The Rivalry.

If Pryor does decide to go to Michigan, he'd better make sure his route to Ann Arbor goes way around Columbus.

It seems to me as though we allow these kids to hold the fanbase hostage—particularly since the inception of the US Army High School All-Star Game. Now you have a kid who Ohio State has treated with nothing but the highest respect—and he actually has the guts to say he may go to Michigan.


That's my only response to that.

I wonder if Pryor has followed the recruiting this year, and id he knows Michigan just isn't bringing in the guys that Ohio State is.

For all you Wolverine fans who think Rodriguez is your savior, remember these points:

1. South Florida

2. Pitt

3. He was your third or fourth choice.

And to Terrelle—you can come to Ohio State and win National Championships and Heisman Trophies...or you can go to Michigan and see 106,000 of your new best friends on November 22nd, 2008 at The Shoe.

Remember, you only get one shot at this college thing. Don't blow it.