Brett Favre: Commisioner Goodell Responds To the Scandal on NFL.Com Live Chat

The NationalContributor IOctober 22, 2010

Stacey, L.A.
4:27 PM ET
Favre probably messed up a little but I don't think the players have been given fair warning in the area of workplace conduct with women around..and that should be the initial focus I think..he is nothing like the Steelers QB and has never had an issue in 20 years..hopefully you'll take these things into consideration when reviewing his case

Commissioner Roger Goodell,

Stacey, we are treating this circumstance seriously and gathering all the facts. Workplace conduct is the main focus. Each of these cases are looked at individually and we have to be thorough and fair. We also are working hard on the development of our workplace conduct training program for all teams. We are working with experts in the field and expect to roll it out to our teams by the end of the season.

Our Take
The nude photos were wrong but when are you off duty from work? So does Sterger giving his number in terms of the voice mails suggest this happened outside of the workplace? Experts in the field?
NFL is really dissecting this case with huge ramifications for all the employees associated with the NFL.

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