10 WWE Superstars Who Will Never Be World Champion

Cec Van Galini@@MJA_GalbraithAnalyst IIIOctober 22, 2010

10 WWE Superstars Who Will Never Be World Champion

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    It is the ultimate prize in wrestling to be Heavyweight Champion. There are of course two belts at present and while this can take away from the prestige, it remains the goal of every superstar to hold the gold. The list of those that have held either of the top two belts is a list of legends.

    However there is also a list of wrestlers who have never held the top prize in the WWE; Curt Hennig, Roddy Piper, Jerry Lawler, Jake Roberts, Vader, Rick Rude, Scott Hall, Davey Boy Smith, Jimmy Snuka, Ted DiBiase, Ricky Steamboat. Legends once again.

    However in today's wrestling world, if you are talented, you will hold the gold. There is simply too many PPVs, Raws and Smackdowns, and house shows for champions to stay in place for long. It might devalue the belt, but the days of year-long reigns are probably over.

    What constitutes a champion is debatable nowadays but there seems to be a small band of mid-card-main event wrestlers who will never get their chance.

    Backstage politics, poor mic skills, weak commercial value, etc. The reasons are unknown but it seems that these 10 may be destined to never win the World Title.


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    Sorry Peeps, it's just not going to happen. I've said for a while now that Christian just won't be given that ultimate push. In recent times, it seems that if anything he is going the other way, being relegated to jobber, including for Alberto Del Rio.

    His time in TNA will have done nothing to help his claim no favours and indeed its arguable that this will almost guarantee that he won't get his chance. In WWE, he was mid-card and that is where he will seemingly stay.

    Christian Cage is World Champion material, Christian is not.

Kofi Kingston

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    I truly hope I'm wrong on this one, as I think Kofi does offer something to the wrestling business. However, I just don't think it will happen now.

    Wrestlers need momentum in their career and for too long, Kofi has lacked it. His 'incident' with Randy Orton is probably to blame, as are his mic skills, but he is nonetheless certainly still talented enough to be champion.

    If Kofi is to win the top prize, he needs a concerted push for the next year and a number of key rivalries to establish his credentials as a main event star.

Matt Hardy

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    Kind of academic now but even before his departure, Hardy was not expected to follow in his brother's footsteps and win the top prize.

    Weight issues, attitude, problems with Edge/Lita, links to Jeff,...all were espoused and all collectively prevented him from getting the push so many fans craved.

    It is unlikely that he will return to WWE anytime soon, and near impossible for him to win the Heavyweight Title. Only a massive commercial boost will get either Hardy on the WWE title picture ever again.

Alberto Del Rio

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    Given one of the longest introductions into the wrestling industry, Alberto Del Rio has also enjoyed a massive push thanks to Rey Mysterio and Christian. And yet it's difficult to see him beating the top superstars for the title.

    Is Alberto in the league of the Undertaker, Kane, or Edge?

    From all the promotional material together with primetime matches, Del Rio is hotly tipped to do well but at present, I sense that his run might only reach the heights of IC or US gold. 

    A slight change in his character may benefit his chances and he does seem to be well over with McMahon which is always a good sign, but you already know that.

Ted DiBiase

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    Million Dollar Champion, Tag Champion, maybe IC champ, but nothing more I'm afraid. His days in Legacy probably set him up for future stardom but both he and Cody Rhodes have hardly lit up the wrestling world since.

    His current run with Maryse looks at times painfully wooden with neither quite into each other. Ted has potential but he needs to be his own man. He can't rely upon his father's gimmick. After all his father using the same character never won the title, so will Junior?

    For Ted to rise to the top and possibly take the belt off Randy, much improvement will be needed.

Dashing Cody Rhodes........Dashing

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    Similar vein to the previous. Being the son of a famous wrestler is not easy. Just ask the countless number of superstars who have tried and failed to live up to expectations. In today's wrestling world, you either have it or you don't.

    The so called X-factor is something you can almost instantly recognise: Stone Cold and the Rock both had it, and within a year were well on the way to greatness.

    Cody is a sold enough performer and he is getting some good airtime. The fact that we even call him Dashing shows that at least some of his work is paying off.

    It is however not a character trait that will lead him to the title. I think that to some extent he has lost momentum in recent months. Leaving Legacy has allowed him to stand on his own two feet, but he needs more character to succeed.

Drew McIntyre

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    When he came to WWE proclaiming to be the chosen one, we all feared that he would soon wear the gold. A new superstar given an unwarranted push with many being cast aside. Thus far, however, it has not happened.

    His relationship with fans and his ability as a heel has slightly improved but he looks further than ever from the main event.

    The importance of marketing in today's world means that you need to be a commercial success, and at present, the 'sinister Scot' just does not have it. There is a queue for the title, and Drew is just too far away.

    Can he eventually win it? Hard to say but at present, without major overhaul of his character, I would say that he can't.

Evan Bourne

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    Long regarded as a successor to Rey Mysterio, the high-flying Evan Bourne is popular among wrestling fans. Not too long ago it even seemed that he might indeed get that lucrative push and yet just as quickly as it came, it was taken away.

    Evan is seemingly now a professional jobber and his pairing with Mark Henry is indicative of this. Injury will rob us of the cruiserweight until 2011 but even on his return, its hard to see him calling on the door of the Main Event.

    A sustained push might allow him to reach the heights of the US or IC belts, but he just does not fit in with the image of a WWE champion, in the eyes of Vince McMahon.

Daniel Bryan

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    I hope, hope, hope, hope I am wrong on this one. The darling of the Internet community, has had a whirlwind start in WWE and so a cooling off period can be expected over the next few months. And yet there is something worrying me about his character development.

    The man that was fired for excessive behaviour, has returned, not as some caged beast but rather as a 'nerd'. Most will agree that he is a strong performer but he doesn't need to be marketed in this way to succeed. If anything Bryan should have been the wrestler that breaks the mould. A wrestler who wrestles.

    He already has scaled to the heights of the US championship and so future success is possible. And yet his size, his character, his long success in the Indie Circuit can all count against him. Just as with Evan, Daniel Bryan doesn't look like a McMahon champion.

Honorary Picks

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    Mark Henry

    Jerry Lawler

    Zack Ryder

    Primo and Carlito


    Vladimir Kozlov

    William Regal


John Morrison?

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    Hardly an article goes by about John Morrison, without someone in the IWC saying, heir apparent to Shawn Michaels. At present he does seem to have all the assets to be a World Champion, even his mic skills are improving.

    So future success is more than possible. Along with Daniel Bryan, these two are the ones that will likely debunk the slideshow and yet, I am beginning to wonder.

    Morrison has been with the WWE for some time now and although its unfair to expect an immediate rise, he has been left in the shadows of the Miz.

    Often in tag team action with R-Truth, Morrison for whatever reasons seems to be just missing out on that next big push.

    Now of course its all about timing, look how long it took Shawn Michaels but wrestling has changed and success comes quicker.

    Morrison can make for a great champion but again it comes down to chances. Can Morrison beat Orton, Cena or Triple H? Or more importantly, will the WWE let him beat these Main Event stars?