Bragging Rights Predictions

Elson KakaireContributor IIIOctober 22, 2010

Bragging Rights Predictions

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    Hey there fellow bleachers. I'm here to give my predictions on the upcoming Bragging Rights PPV. I am one of those people that has faith in this Bragging Rights concept but I think that they need to work on this a bit more as it has potential.

    Anyway, there are some good matches on the card for this Sunday which could be a little hard to predict but I'm gonna give it my best shot.

Laycool Vs Natalya: Divas Championship Match

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    Ok lets just get this match out of the way first. Seeing as its Bragging Rights I'm guessing that this will be classed as a Raw vs Smackdown match.Therefore through process of elimination I can see Natalya winning this match and perhaps this could start the downfall of Laycool with a possible match between the two of them later down the line.

    If I'm right and Natalya wins, then expect her to face Layla.

Daniel Bryan Vs Dolph Ziggler: Champion Vs Champion

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    This could be one of the matches of the night in my opinion. Two great wrestlers (not sports entertainers) will represent their brands in this champion vs champion match.

    I see it being a very close match but that wily old cougar Vickie Guerrero will get involved somehow and help Dolph win the match and make it 1-1 on the night for the Raw vs Smackdown feud. Thus making the 7 on 7 tag match for all the marbles.

    My only hope is that should this match steal the show then these two will hold onto their titles and maybe meet again in the future for a unification match.

7 On 7 Team Raw Vs Team Smackdown

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    If we were to look at these two teams man for man then I would say that Smackdown would win this match hands down. However its not that simple has I will look at the two teams individually. I'll start with Team Raw and it is a very impressive team.

    In The Miz you have probably the hottest superstar after Randy Orton in the WWE. Alongside him there is two former world champions in Sheamus and CM Punk. Then you have, who many see as a world champion in waiting in John Morrison and his good friend R-Truth. These two should combine well in this match so that is to Raw's advantage. Then there's the powerful Ezekiel Jackson. Expect big things to come from him in this match, perhaps we'll see him overpower Big Show at some point. Now this is an impressive team but then there's Santino...

    I expect nothing more but comedy from him and I believe Ted Dibiase Jr or one of the Nexus members would have been better suited for this match.

    Now to analyse Team Smackdown starting with their captain the Big Show. The only man in wrestling history to hold the WCW, WWE, and ECW world titles.With him, Edge, Jack Swagger and Rey Mysterio, over half their team has been world champions. Then there is the impressive Alberto Del Rio, fan favourite Kofi Kingston and the new and improved Tyler Reks. Now as I said before on paper, Team Smackdown should win. But lets look at this on a deeper level.

    Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio do not like each other so don't expect them to get along during this match. Last Monday night on Raw, Jack Swagger put Edge in an ankle lock which almost cost Smackdown the battle royale. Tyler Reks doesn't look like he'll get along with anybody leaving Big Show, Kofi and Rey as the only members who can realistically get along with each other.

    With Team Raw however, despite their bad break-up, Miz and Morrison were a fantasitc tag team and WWE cannot pass up the opportunity to see these two work in tandem again. In addition to this Morrison also gets on with R-Truth so there is unity within the team.

    Nobody also seems to have a problem with anybody in Team Raw so I cannot see them disintergrating like I can imagine Team Smackdown will. Because of this, I think Team Raw will win this match and take the trophy back to the red half of the WWE this year.

Kane Vs Undertaker Buried Alive Match: World Heavyweight Championship

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    Now this match can go either way in my opinion. The Undertaker has lost the last two matches against Kane so you would think that this would be his time to win a match especially because he seems to have regained all of his powers back after the Kane attack months ago. However Kane has Paul Bearer in his corner to cause a distraction and give Kane the advantage over Taker.

    The Undertaker has also never won a buried alive match in three attempts so who's to say that he will break his duck this Sunday? Whoever loses this match will take at least a two month break and come back to challenge the other one in a casket match to end the feud. Therefore, by going with that logic, I can see Kane winning this one but I wouldn't be surprised if Taker pulls this one out of the bag.

Randy Orton Vs Wade Barrett With John Cena: WWE Championship

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    Now in theory, this should be the easiest match to predict. Randy Orton has just won the WWE title after being given the mantle of being the main guy in the WWE. Wade Barrett is still a rookie despite competing in now his 2nd WWE title match. Of course nothing ever works out in theory now does it.

    Although Wade Barrett is still considered a rookie, he is already established himself in the main event. He has a powerful group behind him and he also has John Cena at his side. Should he become champion then it will be very difficult to see him lose that title anytime soon.

    And what role will John Cena play in this match? He has been ordered to help Wade Barrett win this match or he will be fired. I do not see his major heel turn happening at Bragging Rights but expect something to happen which will adjust Cena's attitude. In past weeks we've seen R-Truth and Randy Orton not showing John Cena any sympathy to his situation whereas David Otunga has offered to hear out Cena's problems. All this in my eyes is building up to Cena screwing the WWE but it won't happen just yet.

    With that said, expect Randy Orton to retain his title against Barrett Sunday night

The End

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    So there you have my predictions. To sum up, I see both world champions retaining their titles and Raw will beat Smackdown 2-1 on the night with their victories coming from the 7 on 7 match and Natalya winning the divas championship.

    I hope you all enjoyed reading this and I hope you enjoy watching Bragging Rights even more.