Sexual Harassment or $extual Harassment, Would You Pay Sterger With This Past?

The NationalContributor IOctober 21, 2010

I'm a firm believer in morals and high standards. I'm not taking the Mike Ditka route in terms of having no respect towards Jenn Sterger in all of this.

I believe Favre should make a public apology, and if no charges are being made then at that point, everyone goes on with life.

Favre gets suspended if he tells the NFL he did send those messages and so on.

However, what if it was a game of cat and mouse? I'm going to get all the formalities out of the way. Favre was wrong in terms of going behind his wife's back in trying to add another notch to his gun slinging ways.

If I'm the commish, he gets a game for each woman that he crossed the line with whether they want to discuss the allegations or not.

We shall revisit the moral standards of which our society works with when it comes to good-looking women and athletes.

For argument's sake, everything that I'm about to put down in this blog is the truth and all the information was obtained form the horse's mouth over the course of a few months online.


The facts are as follows: everyone has wanted Jenn Sterger's 15 minutes of fame to end. Make no bones about it; there are many people, men included who look at her for what she is.

A good looking woman who had enhanced her looks on a few occasions with what she would call Chesticles, Implants whatever you want to call it, the Cowgirl was discovered at a FSU vs. Miami game back in September 2005.

The sequence of events has had Young Sterger run the gamut of being in Maxim and Playboy Magazine. She has blogged on CNNSI, traveled the country on the CNNSI Jenn X Road Show and The Road to March Madness plus some movie roles including the Mischa Barton Movie "Don't Fade Away" where she has a sex scene with True Blood's Ryan Kwanten (I wonder why).

Did she want this lifestyle or all of this unwanted attention? The jury is still out on that. She comes off like she's one of the guys, and if you obtain work based on your looks, then why question that when you're approached by men or athletes?

You are living in that world and you don't dress conservatively ever in many fans estimation as you can tell if you Google yourself.

The Daily Line show, which you work on now, is cleaning up its image of what female co-hosts should dress like.

There has been some discussion about Jenn being on a short leash and her role being diminished on the show almost as if she were relegated to Special Teams as Emmy Award winner Molly Qerim has joined the show, but this blog entry should focus on the events that haven't been discussed.


This is not Jennifer Sterger's first run-in with a Sexual Harassment suit. Wait for it, Wait for it...... As an employee for Abercrombie and Fitch in the Mid 2000s she won a settlement against the All American Boy/Girl establishment.

Not for being viewed as a minority, more so the result of Management not being able to find an appropriate place on the floor to put a woman who was bulging out of her clothing.

She won based on the fact that she was only allowed to work in the Stock Room out of plain sight of those All Americana Boys who would have stormed that A&E store looking for what eventually Brett Favre was looking for years later.


Everyone has a past and sometimes with some people, history repeats itself, whether it's Jenn encountering another bout with having extra attention brought to herself as a result of her looks, or is she the quiet band geek type who after years of feeling inadequate just oozes for that attention and her view of what's tasteful in what she wears whether it's tight clothing or low-cut very revealing ensembles, or photo ops with every Tom, Dick and Harry? Where do you draw the line?

Brett crossed the line and Jenn got a job to flaunt her assets and were at an impasse.

Brett you messed up. NFL suspend him, but Brett, don't pay off anyone.


Has anyone really delved into her friendship with the Injury Expert? This lovely chat exchange surprisingly hasn't been taken down yet.

The photos I've heard on Facebook where Will's Profile photo was a photo with Jenn Sterger for at least 18 months to 2 years.

Seriously that's not even funny, Guys out there, would your wife let this woman hang out with your husband, and have you in a profile photo whether it's a joke or not as your profile on Facebook? Awkward Video?

Untitled from Will Carroll on Vimeo.

Only in the Central Timezone does behavior like this exist or if you want to see how a guy's girl hangs out with the fellas on a I'M Chat here ya go.

Once you read this conversation we can move on to the next side note on how the 18-30 age demographic behave online with the over-age-30 male hormone driven demographic just wanting to attach themselves in any form of conversation with a good looking woman.

Strike 1 against Sextee's PR Team

The Sterger Camp had ample time to take down photos and lovely IM excerpts off the Internet before Domesday went down on Deadspin October 7th, 2010. Media Ploy? Strategy? Future Work?

What is Sterger's Camp advising her to do? Possible payday from Favre?

The only issue with a payday is that everyone that was sent the photos and voicemails would have to destroy all said evidence or Jenn would have to pay them off.

What guarantee does Brett have that other files if there are any will be leaked out in the future?

Let's Discuss the Bukkake Incident...

This situation right here arose from the USTREAM Show StergTV the night of the Espys chatting with some of her regulars online. 

One individual discussed what was going with Danica Patrick's Wardrobe and hair which elicited this response and a week later blogger Susan Shan came to the Defense of Women and Danica Patrick in her blog entry entitled "A Disgrace to Women!"

Susan Shan called for Jenn's head but it's another classic example of a person who tweets what's on her mind and doesn't understand or realize the ramifications of her actions. Is that remark a suspendable offense?

Does it show a quick draw Sports Personality ala Chris Berman at how sometimes wit sometimes should be reserved for your buddies at a bar and not on the Internet?


It's pretty hard to feel that in this Sexting situation Jenn was totally disgusted outside of her throwing her phone supposedly when she received the lewd photos from Brett Favre.

But to go out and save all the photos and voice mails and forward them to friends shows that all of this dialogue maybe wasn't a one-way sexting relationship?

In no way does she entertain any thoughts showing she feared for her job or didn't want to come to work on Sundays and interview celebrities and perform her Game day Host responsibilities.

There is just too much ammunition out there as you can see by this skit on Sports Soup from April, Jenn showing you how to hold a Shake Weight.

Whatever happens today in Minnesota, rest assured no matter what Brett Favre says he'll end up shelling out some form of cash whether it's to the three women in the Tri-State area or to his wife Deanna.

I just really thought Jenn Sterger who wanted to oust Brett for the Pig that he is, was going to fight for the cause and help women realize that unwanted sexual advances are not right.

Many people including women out there really felt that Jenn would look like this at the end of the day fighting against a male dominated sex-fueled world.

Hopefully she doesn't come off looking like Rachel in the end, with seven figures in the bank and a "No Comment" response to hide behind!


Mikey Rod