Matt Hardy WWE Release: Does Complaining Really Get You Places?

Frankie GargiuloContributor IIIOctober 21, 2010

Former WWE Wrestler Matt Hardy
Former WWE Wrestler Matt Hardy

A few years ago, when my mom passed away in front of me from a massive heart attack, I never asked, "Why?" Didn’t ask any questions; didn’t have anybody help me out; and certainly, did not complain about how I was going to survive.

I’m 25 years old; I live with my younger sister in Brooklyn. I have a B.A. in Communications and currently going for my masters in Sports Administration at Canisius College in Buffalo.

I took everything like a man and didn’t complain!


'Cause in life, complaining gets you nowhere.

It doesn’t force you ahead of everybody else and it gives you no special treatment.

People just question why you even complaining in the first place.

I'm talking about Matt Hardy and his recent “release” from World Wrestling Entertainment.

Did it surprise me?


Did I care?

Oh, heck no!


Because I’m not going to shed sympathy for a man who has been wanting to leave a company since late '08!

Honestly, in the past two years of watching WWE programming, can you actually say that you've enjoyed a Matt Hardy match?

You probably can’t!


Because he didn’t even bother to care about himself at all.

Let’s look at the past few years.

Matt Hardy went from “Version 1” to a guy who has gained weight wrestling (which made him look pregnant), somehow broke his hand (probably doing something to himself alone) and then turned what used to be some funny videos on the “Matt Hardy Show,” to whiny complaints via video.


Because he believed that if he complained just enough, he’d get released and join his brother Jeff in TNA. Well, we all know he got his wish!

But are we serious? Both you (the reader) and I know, that come a few months in TNA, he’s going to get treated the same exact way that he did in WWE and start posting weird videos once again.


Well, what can you expect, other than being known as “Jeff Hardy’s brother?” 

Plus, once the “Hardy Boyz” tag up again and can’t compete with the rest of the competition, the people in the back will just get tired of Matt.

Now I know plenty of people that are wrestling fans are going to stick up for Matt and comment below. Great! I used to pull for Matt a long time ago; hell, I even think one of his best feuds was the one with Edge that dealt with Lita!

But as a fan/writer I’m upset, because rather than getting back to being “Matt Hardy” and stepping up his game, he got bored, made more videos and complained even more.

Plus, what was the big thing with his “gastritis” or “flatulence,” or whatever problem it was with his stomach? That was not a legit excuse! You don’t see Mick Foley complaining the next day at work because of the bumps he took in the ring?  

C’mon, Matt! I want to show sympathy but then I SMH (shake my head) at seeing you give up, man.

As I stated before, what makes fans think TNA is not going to treat Matt any better than WWE did?

I’d even think that it would be worse over there, than it was in WWE. Plus, they're probably going to treat him as “the brother of Jeff Hardy,” more in TNA than they did in WWE.

Which IS sad, but then again, he dug his own grave.

Before I end this article, I wanted to write my own perspective of what Matt should have done. So let’s picture my version as Superman’s “Bizarro” world and how it could have gone down.

If Matt was smart and was tired of being “not used” and tired of complaining about being released, he should have stepped up his game.

Why would he give in and ruin his dream of working for WWE and go work for a place that broadcasts out of a theme park?  Wait, let me rephrase that: a sucky theme park? 

We all know that once we give up on our dreams, we start to go downhill and lose all control over ourselves, which seemed to be the main reason for Matt’s weight gain, excuses and complaints.

Now back to Bizarro world.

In Bizarro world featuring Matt Hardy, Matt would have stepped up his game.

How? First off, he'd prove to both fans and his promoter that he's more than “Jeff Hardy’s brother.”

Matt’s a terrific athlete and I did enjoy him in the past (keyword “past”).

In order to make a profit in wrestling, the fans have to be entertained, they should to want to go out, buy the wrestlers merch and buy tickets.

So it’s not that hard to learn a couple of new moves in the few years that it took Matt to complain. Matt’s currently 36 years old. So why didn’t he do what I said? In two or three years, I think you could get down three to maybe five new moves.

Maybe the reason behind everything was because he knew he would be the “black sheep,” for not having the aerial skills like his brother, Jeff. If he was a true wrestling fan like he said he was, he could have learned from the best brother in wrestling, Owen.

Why Owen?

Because Owen was always in the shadow of Bret, but he had more talent in his pinky than Bret had in his career.

Here's the point: Matt had his chance but chose to get his way. I hope it doesn’t bite him in the end! Thanks for reading.