Antonio SIlva: The Demise of EliteXC's Talent

Kevin CurranSenior Analyst IAugust 21, 2008

As Doping becomes more and more prevalent, (so much so that guys like Dewees are using!) the big question becomes can we make it legal or do we kill the careers of everyone in the sport. Due to legal troubles, we'll kill careers and companies for that matter.

 EliteXC heavyweight champion Antonio Silva failed a drug test following his heavyweight title defense against Justin Eilers. This may make EliteXC a sinking ship in the industry. This means it has to be looted by the ever hungry pirates who's names happen to be UFC and Affliction. This may be the end for this company.

Then comes TUF 4 vets positive test after the Noguiera fight in Affliction. This was a big chance for Dewees to rise to fame again but this may put the nail in his big time career coffin.

Antonio Silva was the highest paid fighter on the entire EliteXC payroll, even more than Kimbo Slice. Silva was the big slice of talent in the most dried up little swail in the industry which is known as the heavyweight division in EliteXC. He and Robbie Lawler carried EliteXC to the contract with CBS, as much as Kimbo would like to claim he did. Not to mention Jake Shields. With EliteXC sinking and Dewees most likely needing to find a career in Japan, I expect Affliction and the UFC to gobble up all the talent in Lawler, Shields, and Kimbo. Oh wait did I say Kimbo and talent in the same sentence? My bad. Forget him. It looks dark for EliteXC and with those layoffs expect Affliction to make another push for the crown of top MMA organization. I guess thats what happens when you use  a youtube star as top billing!