Current Happenings in The NFL...Favre, Harrison, Roethlisberger, Suspensions

Bill AquavivaContributor IIOctober 21, 2010

Pittsburgh's James Harrison in between concussion-inducing hits
Pittsburgh's James Harrison in between concussion-inducing hitsGregory Shamus/Getty Images


Around the NFL – Week 7


So Brett Favre had a meeting with NFL security this week over his non-football “situation.”  What do you think really happened in that meeting? 

Maybe Favre was told to groom himself before pixting next time, or maybe he gave Roger Goodell Jenn Sterger’s phone number. I like how Favre is doing the Bill Clinton 'avoid answering the question and look extremely guilty but don’t care because of the “who I am”' mentality.  Anyway, I have it on good authority that during the meeting, Favre retired twice but came out of retirement both times "for his teammates."


The NFL implemented a new suspension policy for violent hits after a weekend filled with some nasty, and at times, scary, collisions.  I’ve never seen the NFL act to do something this fast, so I’m still a little stunned at the decision.  Some folks may think the NFL moved so fast on this policy because it is long overdue, but I think it’s just another way for Goodell to annoy the player’s union. You gotta watch him, he’s sneaky.  After carefully reviewing the facts, I’ve come up with two reactions. First, the NFL has been babying QBs for years – now it’s the other players’ turns, and second, when does the new professional Flag Football league start?


Pittsburgh’s James Harrison contemplated retirement after receiving his $75K fine, saying he can’t play any other way and if he’ll be suspended going forward, why bother playing?  My initial reaction was what a cry baby — go retire then, but then I remembered he’s a professional athlete and this could all be a ploy to get more money.  Regardless, everyone knew he’d pout for a day then be over it, which he did — now get back out there and crush somebody else this week!


Andy Reid is in a win-win situation with the Eagles’ QB dilemma.  He can start either one and pretty much be immune to any “why did you start him” questioning.  Maybe they’ll work it like a tag team match in wrestling and take turns – end of the first quarter, Kolb tags Vick and now the defense is panicking… the crowd is going wild… Vick is flexing and trash talking to the defensive linemen… oh no, here comes Stephanie McMahon…  OK, enough of that silliness. It’s just a matter of time before tensions mount over who the starter is and someone is visibly unhappy. One of them has got to go this off season.


The Cleveland Browns. Just saying that makes me cringe, then laugh, then shake my head, then laugh again. First it was Jake Delhomme, then Seneca Wallace relieved him, then rookie Colt McCoy stepped up to give it a shot. So what happens with their QB situation for the rest of the year?  Since their head coach is the “genius” Eric Mangini, the options likely include flipping a coin each week or having the three QBs play rock, paper, scissors — or better yet — play duck, duck, goose.  Maybe Brian Sipe or Bernie Kosar is willing to come out of retirement?  In the end though, who really cares? Just fire Mangini already.


The Pittsburgh faithful welcomed back Ben Roethlisberger with open arms, and Big Ben responded impressively, tossing three TDs.  I have to admit I was really hoping he’d stink it up and get booed by the home crowd, but no such luck. All I can say now is let’s see him play someone other than the Browns before we  put him on a pedestal and give the Steelers the Lombardi Trophy. Oh yeah, and reports that the Steelers’ security went through all women’s bathrooms near the locker room and whisked away all the college-aged girls is not true.


Finally, what’s up with Mike Shanahan not using Albert Haynesworth — is Shanahan's ego really that dominant? And just how exactly do the Buffalo Bills make their head coaching decisions?