Around the NBA: August 21

Joe WillettSenior Writer IAugust 21, 2008

Here we are again, no major news stories but plenty of small stuff that still deserves mention.  There are rumors, signings, stuff stays in place, and even a little payback.

I know how excited you are to delve into this edition of Around the NBA, so I will hold you no further and let you hear about the news happening right now.

Ben Gordon Closer and Closer to Moving Overseas?

The contract talks between the Chicago Bulls organization and Ben Gordon have been stalled for a while.  I use the word stalled because, well, I can't think of a word that is more definative than that.  I'm pretty sure that these talks have been stuck longer than the Great Wall of China has been around.

Gordon has been saying things in the media like, "I'm not going to play for the Bulls again," but there is a light at the end of a tunnell, then again, if you are a Bulls fan, then that light could be a train about to run you over.

Gordon has been reportedly leaning more and more towards traveling overseas to play basketball for a European team.  However, there may be some news for those wanting Gordon to stay in Chicago.

According to the Toronto Sun, Gordon's words are more likely to be a move of desperation against an organization that refuses to give into his wishes of a high paying contract which, many believe, is worth more than he is.

SuperSonics Trophies and Banners will Stay in Seattle

According to the Associated Press, Clay Bennett's ownership group and the city of Seattle have reached an agreement to divide all artifacts from the tenure of the SuperSonics in Seattle.  Things such as NBA Championship Trophies and Title Banners will stay with the city and be put in Seattle's Museam of History and Industry.

However, things necessary to an NBA franchise are going to be on their way to Oklahoma City.  150 courtside seats, 24 office chairs, three televisions, 200 CD's, a sound-effects machine, a basketball inflater, radios, headphones and a replay monitor will be shipped as soon as the WNBA season is over along with other equipment.

There is still an attempt by Howard Shultz to regain control of the franchise which could bring the franchise back to Seattle yet again.  If this were to happen, Bennett's money would be refunded in full.

Pheonix Suns Sign Goran Dragic, Exact Revenge...Sort of

Pheonix Suns have reportedly signed Dragic out of the Spanish League team, Tau Ceramica.  Dragic has reported that he will be paid around what a mid-level first round pick received in this year's draft.

He was selected in the second round of last year's draft by the San Antonio Spurs but his rights were traded to the Suns who expect the Slovenian guard to be mainly used as Steve Nash's backup.