UConn Football: Suspended QB Cody Endres Is an Embarrassment To the Huskies

Tom SmithCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2010

Go away, Cody. Just go away.
Go away, Cody. Just go away.Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The University of Connecticut has suspended starting QB Cody Endres for the remainder of the academic year for violation of the school's drug policy.

I typically don't like bashing school kids for anything that happens on the field/court/diamond/etc.

I also fully remember, despite it being way too many years ago, what it is like to be a college student. It almost goes without saying that a college kid, particularly guys, will do at least one really stupid thing during his four or five years on campus.

What Cody Endres has done goes beyond one really stupid thing. That would have been his first failed drug test. I would absolutely dismiss that as a youthful indiscretion. Important side note: Coaches are not informed about a first offense failed test.

In August, Endres was suspended from the team for over a month for a second failed drug test. Now it gets a little dicey. Now you start to wonder about his commitment to his coach, the team and to the school giving him an out-of-state scholarship worth over $30,000 per year.

That second failed test—both failed tests are assumed to have been for marijuana use—should have sent this kid a clear message that he needed to change his behavior. If he didn't know how to change his behavior, the mandatory counseling and treatment that accompanies a second failed test should have helped him understand.

At the end of the suspension period, Endres, in accordance with the school's drug policy, was given another drug test, passage of which was required to resume his activities with the team.

This means that by the time Endres returned to the team in late September, he had completed his treatment program and passed a drug test. He presumably understood the ramifications of continued drug use.

We now get the news that he has failed yet another drug test. I suppose the good news is that at least he learned his lesson to stay away from pot. The bad news is that he instead decided to take amphetamines.

I was all for reinstating Cody Endres after his first suspension. I was starting to think he was a little thick in the head, but that affliction describes quite a few college students. I would not have excluded myself from that description back in the day.

This latest boneheaded move by one of the more important and visible members of the UConn football team has me ticked off. Second chances are a part of life, particularly for kids. I am not a huge fan of third chances for the same mistake. Making the same mistake three times suggests that you either just don't give a crap or that you might be horribly stupid.

Cody Endres has to go.

I am making an exception to my disinclination to bad-mouth student-athletes.

Cody Endres, unless there is some startling evidence that comes up to the contrary, is a stupid, selfish druggie that does not deserve to wear a Husky uniform.

At this point, he is still eligible to return next season. That needs to change. I don't care how good an arm he has. If his scholarship is in effect next season, it will be a black mark on the school and on head coach Randy Edsall.

Given Edsall's reputation as a no-nonsense coach, I don't expect Endres back next year, and he doesn't deserve to be. Let him be someone else's problem.

If some other school accepts him as a transfer, let them suffer the embarrassment of having a three-time loser in their program.

For now, it is on to the Mike Box era. The redshirt freshman will likely be getting his first career start this Saturday in a crucial game at Louisville.