College Football: BlogPoll Top 25, Week 8

Buckeye CommentarySenior Analyst IOctober 21, 2010
1Oregon6-0150v. UCLA (10/21)
2Oklahoma6-0415at (16) Missouri
3Auburn7-0538v. (7) LSU
4Boise State6-0855IDLE
5Alabama6-1746at Tennessee
6TCU7-0964v. Air Force
7LSU7-01136at (3) Auburn
8Michigan State7-01376at Northwestern
9Wisconsin6-11888at (18) Iowa
10Stanford5-11213v. Washington State
11Ohio State6-1281v. Purdue
12Nebraska5-1353at (15) Oklahoma State
13Florida State6-11469IDLE
14Utah6-020110v. Colorado State
15Oklahoma State6-02185v. (12) Nebraska
16Missouri6-02247v. (2) Oklahoma
17Arizona5-11627v. Washington
18Iowa5-11778v. (9) Wisconsin
19South Carolina4-2618at Vanderbilt
20Arkansas4-21024v. Mississippi
21Virginia Tech5-2NR58v. Duke
22West Virginia5-1NR135v. Syracuse
23Miami4-22523v. North Carolina
25Texas4-2NR14v. Iowa State

Ohio State (realistic) scenarios: This is the only logical place for the Buckeyes in this poll.  While there are dozens of cogent arguments for placing them higher, none of those arguments includes placing OSU above Wisconsin or Michigan State.  Moreover, it is hard to see Ohio State moving up significantly considering their next 4 weeks include a bye week and 3 threes teams with a collective 2-5 in the Big Ten.  OSU’s next moment for serious consideration will be its road game at Iowa on Nov. 20.  That’s a month away.  Time to get better.

Trendspotting: There are only 10 undefeateds in this week’s ranking and 3 of them reside in the Big 12: Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Missouri.  At least one of them will gain a blemish as Oklahoma plays at Missouri this weekend.  Oklahoma State gets its toughest test hosting a surly Nebraska team.

Trendspotting 2: The Big Ten has 4 teams on my ballot this week: Michigan State, WIsconsin, Ohio State, and Iowa.  Respectable, right?  What’s not respectable is the greatest strength of schedule of any of those teams (according to Jeff Sagarin’s numbers) is 76th.  That schedule rank belongs to Michigan State.  The others?  Iowa (78), Ohio State (81), and Wisconsin (88).  I am no mathematician, but with numbers like that it seems impossible to imagine that any Big Ten will be viewed favorably in the SOS category and, consequently, by the computers.

Going up: Teams formerly left for dead.  Virginia Tech, Texas, and USC are starting to flex their muscles, if only slightly.  With a less-than-daunting schedule ahead, do not be surprised to see the Hokies ride a 10-game winning streak into the ACC Title game.  Of course, this is the ACC, so I have surely spoken too soon.  USC, on the other hand, has a rough schedule coming up so this may not last long.

Going down: Recent Alabama opponents.  Win or lose, the Tide’s last 2 opponents dropped a combined 23 spots.

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