The 25 Most Depressing Sports Franchises

Kelsey GivensAnalyst IIOctober 22, 2010

The 25 Most Depressing Sports Franchises

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    Among the many sports franchises out there, there are some that are just so disappointing and so bad that it’s hard for anyone to take them seriously. 

    These teams exist in every sport category that posses a professional team. From basketball to football to hockey to baseball, there are at least a handful of disappointing franchises within these professional sports leagues.

    Here is a list of 25 of the most disappointing sports franchises in all of sports today.

No. 25 Houston Rockets

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    One of the best players on this team is also one who gets injured so often, that he is hardly seen.

    There was so much excitement over this team when they signed Yao Ming, but since this giant player can’t seem to keep himself from getting injured, the excitement has died out into disappointment.

    Aside from that disappointment, this team also seems to be inconsistent is winning. Sometimes they do very well and other times they can’t seem to get their game together.

No. 24 The Chicago Bears

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    This is a Chicago team that seems to disappoint fans often. As a general trend, it seems that this team never has quite what it takes to pull of being in the top of the league.

    So far this season, as early as it is, the Bears haven’t been too bad, but usually they seem to mostly disappoint in their performances.

No. 23 Philadelphia 76ers

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    Sometimes this team is on its game, and others it’s not.

    So far this season, this NBA Franchise team is in the bottom of the standings for the NBA’s Eastern Conference.  This is not surprising seeing as how the last several seasons they have started out slow, and then brought their game up to speed just enough to make it into the first round of the playoffs.

    This is a disappointment for fans and owners, seeing as how at the end of last season they showed that they can play better than they have so far this season.

No. 22 San Jose Sharks

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    This is just a consistently disappointing team. They are never in the absolute bottom of their league, but they are also never really at the top.

    The San Jose Sharks are also a disappointing franchise because they have the ability to take a lead and then completely blow it before the game is over, much to the dismay of fans and owners of the team.

No. 21 Boston Bruins

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    In the past this NHL franchise has had its ups and downs with success.

    In the past they have traded away very talented players, and haven’t had a shot at a Stanley Cup in quite a long time.

    This season they seem to have gotten off to a good start, but only time will tell if they will disappoint fans once again this season with poor performances.

No. 20 The Columbus Blue Jackets

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    After last season, it is easy to see why this franchise is a disappointment.

    Over the last 10 years that the Blue Jackets have been part of the NHL, they have never seriously had a chance at being one of the top teams in the league. And many of the times where they have begun to do well, they seem to tank themselves shortly after.

    With a new coaching staff in place this disappointing franchise might turn around, but for now memory paints this franchise as a disappointment.

No. 19 New York Islanders

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    The Islanders are not nearly as good as the New York Rangers.

    With the option of two NHL franchises in New York to support, the obvious choice for most fans is to support the better team. And unfortunately for the Islanders, that is not them.

    In addition to less attention and adoration, this team is also not a stand out team nor a super winning team in the NHL. While they are not the worst, they are certainly nowhere near the best in the league.

    Based on this, this franchise over all is a disappointment.

No. 18 Buffalo Bills

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    This is one NFL franchise that can be counted on to lose.

    For quite some time now, this team has disappointed fans and owners over and over again with loss after loss.

    So far this season the team’s record is 0-5, which is even worse than the Cleveland Browns.

No. 17 Seattle Mariners

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    This season, the Mariners have one of the highest levels of losses in the MLB.

    Looking at previous seasons, this seems to be a trend with this team. They are one of the more disappointing teams in the MLB thanks to their low winning percentage, which is only occasionally punctuated by wins.

No. 16 Carolina Panthers

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    This is one of the consistently worst NFL franchise teams of all time. Maybe not the absolute worst, but overall they are definitely not a great team.

    And this season is no better than the rest. The Panthers are in the bottom ranks of the conference in the NFL. Over and over again this team has proven itself a disappointment with loss after loss.

No. 15 The Chicago Cubs

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    It seems that nothing every goes quite right for this baseball franchise. Sometimes they do well for themselves and other times they tank and disappoint their fans and owners.

    This team can never be reliable for a win. Sometimes they will come out and shock everyone with a win and other times when they are predicted to win they can’t seem to pull it off.

No. 14 The Cleveland Browns

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    As one of the most losing teams in all of football history, it’s hard not to be disappointed with this team on a weekly basis.

    Most recently they have disappointed fans and franchise owners by being known as a team that can hold the lead in first three quarters of the game, and then completely blow it and lose in the fourth.

    Even though this league is very disappointing for the most part, it still has die-hard fans, which makes it not the most disappointing on this list.

No. 13 Kansas City Chiefs

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    Here is another example of a team that is niether incredibly good, nor horribly bad. They seem to fall in the middle of or the bottom of the middle of the rankings each season.

    This season, as early as it is for the football season, things aren't looking too bad for the Kansas City Chiefs. However, if they follow their normal record trend, things might get more disappointing for this team from here on out.

No. 12 San Francisco 49ers

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    The 49ers are another team that have struggled with success over the years. They seem to be constantly in the bottom of the rankings, and this season is no exception to that trend.

    While this is an iconic football team, they aren’t overly talented. And time and time again they have disappointed fans and owners of this NFL franchise.

No. 11 Memphis Grizzlies

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    This is yet another disappointing sports franchise. The Grizzlies are another one of those teams that can be counted on for an easy win against.

    In addition to usually poor play, this team is also a diappointment in the size of their fan base and attendance at their home games

No. 10 Oakland Athletics

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    This is simply put, a very disappointing baseball franchise. Overall, they have one of the smallest fan bases in the MLB and on top of that they are typically not one of the more talented teams in the league.

No. 9 Nashville Predators

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    Not only is this team one of the worst in the NHL, it also seems so out of place to have an ice hockey team in such a warm city.

    However, the real reason this franchise is such a disappointment is its small fan base and the financial problems it has faced in the last several years.

No. 8 Pittsburgh Pirates

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    This is yet another MLB franchise team with a history of losing.

    On top of not winning very often, it seems that many have also forgotten about this team. According to, the Pirates have the third lowest attendance rates in the MLB.

No. 7 Charlotte Bobcats

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    This is one of the worst teams in the NBA.

    Since the expansion Bobcats sprung up, the team has frequently neared the bottom in the league in wins. So far this preseason the team has only managed to win two games out of seven, which isn’t bad, but isn’t the best winning record by far.

    And on top of being one of the worst teams in the NBA, this is one of the least cared about teams in all of the NBA.

No. 6 Sacramento Kings

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    Here is another example of a basketball franchise that disappoints in attendance and finances.

    According to, this team has the lowest attandence rate at home of all of the NBA teams. They have also suffered finacial instability over the years, in conjunction with a lack of excitement surrounding the team.

No. 5 Cleveland Indians

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    Poor Cleveland can’t seem to catch a break with its teams. The Indians are one of the worst teams in MLB.

    This team can never be counted on for a win. The majority of the time this is one team that can be counted on for a loss. On occasion they will pull off a winning series or game, but for the most part they just disappoint fans over and over again with loss after loss.

No. 4 Los Angeles Clippers

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    Here is another example of a team that has been overshadowed by a much better team in their league that happens to play nearby. The L.A. Lakers are one of the best teams in the NBA, and the Clippers can’t hold a candle to their success.

    Aside from being overshadowed by a basketball powerhouse, this team has an awful history of losing and not finishing in the top ranks of the league time and time again.

No. 3 New Orleans Hornets

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    Here is a NBA franchise that is a disappointment simply because it went from such a talented team, with great spirit, to one of the worst teams in the league.

    This is season and last have not treated the Hornets well. The injury-plagued Hornets crashed and burned last season after several seasons of being in the upper echelon of the Western Conference. This team has fallen hard, which has to be a major disappointment to both fans, players and owners of this franchise.

No. 2 Detroit Lions

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    This is a team that is most well known for losing. They have never won a Super Bowl championship, and they are the team that others count on for an easy win when they go up against them.

    In addition to having a losing reputation, according to, this team has the lowest home game attendance rate of any team in the NFL.

    Overall this football franchise just disappoints fans and owners over and over again each season.

No. 1 Cleveland Cavaliers

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    While at first this may seem like a puzzliing choice for the No. 1 most disappointing sports franchise, here is why this choice makes sense.

    This poor franchise had LeBron James as well as several other very good players, and still could not make it past the second round of the playoffs last season.

    In addition to that disappointment, the team now faces the new season without their star player, and must start back at the drawing board with a new coach and a new plan to bounce back from the ultimate disappointing season.

    In addition to not having what it takes to bring home a championship, Majority Owner Dan Gilbert really embarrassed his franchise when he posted his passionate letter in response to the announcement they James was leaving the team .

    Based on all of these reasons, for now, the Cavaliers stand as the No. 1 most disappointing sports franchise.