Baron Davis: NBA Star Sued for Throwing Dirtball at Paparazzi

Todd KaufmannSenior Writer IOctober 21, 2010

Baron Davis: NBA Star Sued for Throwing Dirtball at Paparazzi

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    Baron Davis is in the news and not in the good way. I won't break down the details in the introduction because that's what the rest of the article is for.

    I used to watch Davis as a member of the UCLA Bruins and loved the way he played the game. He not only had the speed and awareness of a point guard, but he also had no fear when it came to driving in the paint and challenging even the biggest centers in college basketball.

    He's bounced around in the NBA thus far without really hanging on with one team for too long. Where he plays now is in the City of Angels on the team that has continued to be the Lakers' little brother for years.

    The Los Angeles Clippers have always lived in the Lakers' shadow but having a guy like Baron Davis leading the way, that might change in a year or two. If he sticks around.

    Let's get to the details of his run-in with a photographer, his career thus far, and how he can change the Clippers for the better.

No. 10: Baron Davis Dating Kate Hudson

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    Apparently, according to the story from, Baron Davis and Kate Hudson were apparently an item.

    Hey, I'm not hating on him for dating a good looking girl like that, especially when she has a famous dad, Kurt Russell.

No. 9: Photographer Camped Outside Hudson's Home

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    The entire scene started when a photographer, who apparently thinks he can do what he wants when he wants, without circumstances, was camped outside Hudson's home while her and Davis were apparently inside.

    I've always been curious why some photographer thinks it's part of his job to camp outside someone's home just for a picture. Honestly, I don't blame Davis for what happened at all.

    Shove a camera in my face and it might irritate me a little too.

No. 8: Argument Between Davis and Photographer Ensues

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    Whatever was done or said by either Baron Davis, Kate Hudson or said photographer, got Davis so steamed that some sort of altercation took place.

    It's not known who started the argument or how it escalated, but it got Davis to take matters into his own hands.

No. 7: Photographer Gets a Face Full Of Dirt from Baron Davis

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    Next thing this photographer knows, he's getting a handful of dirt getting thrown at him by Davis. Apparently, Baron channeled the Yankee pitchers and threw a fastball right in the face of the guy that shouldn't have been where he was.

    Funny how that works isn't it?

    You trespass, you park outside someone's home, you harass them. What did this guy expect was going to happen? Did he think he was going to get a birthday card?

No. 6: Photographer Sues Davis for Damages

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    Ok, I know this might sound a bit strange but the picture says exactly what I would have done to Baron Davis. High-fived him.

    The photographers play by their own rules, they take pictures they shouldn't be taking and they don't expect anyone to do anything about it.

    This is what happens when you test people. Push people far enough and they'll throw down on you. It's too bad people like this can hide behind their cameras.

    Now, Davis is being sued for $25,000 because dirt got in this guy's eye. Really? I think you should be counting your lucky stars Davis didn't throw down on you.

No. 5: Baron Davis's First 6 Years

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    Baron Davis spent his first six years in the NBA between the New Orleans Hornets and the Charlotte Bobcats.

    From 1999-2002, Davis was a member of the Charlotte Hornets. His points per game climbed in each of those three years. He went from 5.9 points per game as a rookie to 18.1 points per game in his final year with the team.

    He moved on to New Orleans and played there from 2002 to 2005, having his best season in 2003-2004, averaging 22.9 points per game and playing more than 40 minutes a night.

No. 4: Baron Davis as a Golden State Warrior

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    After his years in New Orleans and Charlotte, Baron Davis would play his next four years, from 2004 to 2008 with the Golden State Warriors.

    He would never average more than 40 minutes again a night but did reach over 39 minutes a night during the 2007-2008 season.

    His best season was also that same year where Davis averaged 21.8 points per game for the Warriors. It would also be his last season with the team.

No. 3: Baron Davis as a Los Angeles Clipper

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    After the 2007-2008 season, Baron Davis would sign as a free agent with the Los Angeles Clippers where he will begin his third season with the team.

    His production has been at the lowest its been since his second year in the league. Over the last two years, Davis has averaged 14.9 and 15.3 points per game and averaged just over 34 minutes per game over those same two seasons.

No. 2: His Production Needs to Increase

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    The Los Angeles Clippers are going to need more production from Baron Davis if they are going to be taken seriously.

    I know what Davis is capable of. I've watched him throughout college and say what you want about the differences between UCLA and the NBA, he still has the speed to make an impact on the court and make things happen for himself and his teammates.

No. 1: Be the Floor General

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    One thing that Davis absolutely has to do is become the floor general. He needs to be the one to run the show and he needs to be able to hold his teammates accountable.

    Run the floor, see the floor, hit the open man, keep a tight ship.

    This is a guy who has a ton of talent but no one has been able to see what he's really capable of. If he can find a little bit of who he used to be on a basketball court, the Clippers could be a team to be reckoned with.