WWE: World Title Scramble Might Be Worst Idea Ever

Ryan Senior Writer IAugust 21, 2008

It was recently announced that at Unforgiven, there would be a "scramble" match for the World Heavyweight Title.

What is a scramble match? Well, essentially it's a match with a set time-limit where pinfalls are counted and whomever has the final pinfall by the end of the match is the World Heavyweight Champion. You might remember this best from the attitude days with the Hardcore title.

This is the worst idea Vince/creative has had in a long time. This is setting up to have all guys get another "World Title reign" to their credit, with the possibility of Punk retaining his title in the end, despite losing it several times during the match.

This will hurt the credibility of a World title reign, more than having a champion on each show ever has. Reigns lasting less than 5-10 minutes? What's the point? I would expect that kind of resume-padding out of Triple H, but does anyone else really need it?

And how is Chris Jericho NOT involved in this? Once again, the big, plodding monsters are the focus, with "little" CM Punk being backed into the underdog role once more.

Hey, after everyone in the match get's their 2-3 reigns out of the way, maybe the WWE can start handing out 5 minute reigns as champion to guys like Val Venis, D-Lo Brown, Funaki and Jamie Noble.

Afterall, it worked for the hardcore division.