BCS Rankings 2010: Predicting the 10 Biggest BCS Spoiler Games

Todd KaufmannSenior Writer IOctober 21, 2010

BCS Rankings 2010: Predicting the 10 Biggest BCS Spoiler Games

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    This is my favorite time of year. The BCS poll is out, the debates have begun in earnest, and the big games have started to take shape.

    Those big games could effect just how the final BCS poll looks at the end of the season and who ends up playing in the national championship game.

    Oklahoma will have its tests down the stretch, as will Alabama, Auburn, TCU, and Boise State just to name a few. But what games could possibly trip them up and cause the biggest changes in the polls at the end of the year?

    That's the biggest debate that will take place between now and the end of the season. Who will take their spot in the title game and who will be left on the outside looking in?

    It's time to take a look at the 10-biggest BCS spoiler games down the stretch and predict who will come out smelling like roses and whose championship hopes will be dashed.

No. 10: Boise State vs Hawaii

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    BCS Spoiler: Nov. 6 vs Hawaii

    The Warriors are a better team than most gave them credit for at the beginning of the season. The Broncos need to step up defensively if they're going to keep Hawaii quarterback Bryant Moniz from throwing all over the field.

    If their secondary isn't sharp, the Broncos could be on the wrong end of an upset.

    Boise State 34 Hawaii 24

No. 9: Oklahoma at Oklahoma State

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    BCS Spoiler: Nov. 27 at Oklahoma State

    The Sooners are on the top of college football's mountain right now, but how long they stay there is up to them.

    The last two top-ranked teams, Alabama and Ohio State, fell victim to the upset bug on consecutive weeks. While the Sooners' matchup against Missouri this weekend will be a test, it will be Oklahoma State that will be licking its chops at the end of the season.

    Oklahoma 27 Oklahoma State 17

No. 8: Oregon at Oregon State

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    BCS Spoilers: Dec. 4 at Oregon State

    The Oregon Ducks are putting up more points at a faster rate than a lot of teams have in college football history. They've been challenged just once, but when you're dealing with an in-state rival, especially on the road, you better bring your "A" game.

    Oregon 37 Oregon State 21

No. 7: Michigan State at Iowa

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    BCS Spoiler: Oct. 30 at Iowa

    This could be the game that could cause Michigan State to lose its shot at the BCS title game. Iowa has arguably one of the best defenses not only in the conference, but in the country.

    A road game of this magnitude will be huge for both teams, so the winner will make a major move up the polls.

    Iowa 27 Michigan State 24

No. 6: Ohio State at Iowa

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    BCS Spoiler: Nov. 20 at Iowa

    The Iowa Hawkeyes could be a spoiler for two top-10 teams before this season is out. I predicted they'd take out Michigan State, so could they do the same to an Ohio State team that's already dropped one big road-game this season?

    Iowa 31 Ohio State 28

No. 5: Arkansas at South Carolina

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    BCS Spoiler: Nov 6th at South Carolina

    This should be another epic showdown between the Arkansas Razorbacks and the South Carolina Gamecocks.

    While I don't know which South Carolina team will show up from one game to the next, especially after losing to Kentucky one week after knocking off Alabama, I do know that they should be ready for this one, especially at home.

    South Carolina 28 Arkansas 26

No. 4: TCU at Utah

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    BCS Spoiler: Nov. 6 at Utah

    This could be as epic as they come, not to mention as big as they come, for both of these teams.

    TCU is sitting in the fifth spot in the BCS poll while Utah isn't far behind, currently at ninth. What TCU has that Utah will have to deal with is its first-rate defense which has been on display all year.

    TCU 21 Utah 16

No. 3: Mississippi State at Alabama

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    BCS Spoiler: Nov. 13 at Alabama

    While the Crimson Tide have more than the Bulldogs to deal with, it's another game on the schedule that they have to get past in order to put down reservations for the BCS title game.

    Get past those that one and you may as well put it down.

    Alabama 31 Mississippi State 20

No. 2: LSU at Auburn

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    BCS Spoiler: Oct. 23 at Auburn

    Cam Newton and the Auburn Tigers look like the real deal. They put on an offensive clinic against Arkansas last week, but they luckily had enough on the board to pull out a win without much defense.

    This weekend, they'll welcome in LSU for an SEC showdown that could put one of them in a solid spot for the BCS chase.

    Auburn 35 LSU 14

No. 1: Auburn at Alabama

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    BCS Spoiler: Nov. 26 at Alabama

    Auburn will have one test this weekend but will get an even bigger one when they go down to Tuscaloosa to take on Alabama.

    The Tide want to get back to the BCS game. Alabama will need to go through the rest of its schedule unbeaten if they want to get there.

    Auburn 28 Alabama 27