TUF Season 12: St-Pierre vs. Koscheck Live Blogging the Madness, Pt. VI

Bleacher ReportSenior Writer IOctober 20, 2010

Since I'm sparing you the undignified praise of Arianny Celeste, I figured I'd do it visually.

You're welcome and moving on...

Last week's episode gave us our first real burner inside the cage as Nam Phan demolished a very game Spencer Paige, thus giving Josh Koscheck's team its first victory over Georges St-Pierre's machine. So at least they won't get completely shut out.

Of course, then Kos went and ruined his first chance at saving a little face by abandoning any pretext of class and adulthood. Instead, he chose to rub Paige's and GSP's collective face in the defeat by banging on the shared wall between dressing rooms—something particularly courageous since Team St-Pierre had been the picture of respect following each of their three previous wins.

Anyway, the fellas reignite hostilities in about half an hour. See ya then.