Seahawks-Giants Recap: Giants Come Out Flat in Seattle

Richard BowlerSenior Analyst ISeptember 25, 2006

IconThe Seahawks ran to a big lead early and cruised to victory over the Giants. The Giants showed life late but it was not enough to overcome a 39 point lead going into the fourth quarter. The Seahawks defense was smothering for the first three periods, causing turnovers and pressuring Eli Manning. The Seattle fans went crazy following a report that the New York Giants front office had complained to the league about the noise level at Qwest Field. This increased vigor from the crowd gave the Giants offense fits with false start penalties and made it hard for Manning to make audibles. This game makes the Seattle versus Chicago matchup next week a showdown of undefeated teams.

The Giants seem to be in chaos after looking awful for the first three quarters of this game. Tight End Jeremy Shockey went on a tirade after the game, ripping on his teammates and coaching staff, saying that they were out played and out coached. Wide receiver Plaxico Burress was seemingly benched after a poor first half were he was a part of two turnovers and a penalty, and caught only one ball. The Giants offense was plagued with miscues, dropped passes, turnovers and penalties all day. The Giants running game was moderately successful but the hole was so big so quick that they were forced to go away from the running attack and pass the ball more frequently. On defense they had problems defending the new Seahawks four wide attack featuring the addition of Deion Branch. This was especially problematic in the red zone and Seahawks Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck threw for five touchdowns. The Giants did show life in the fourth quarter as the Seahawks went into cruise control - but that will not be enough to give them any positive feelings going into the bye week.

The Seahawks finally showed how explosive their team's passing attack can really be. With the addition of Deion Branch, the Seahawks can create huge mismatches with a potent four wide receiver set. At times Hasselbeck had his choice of two or three wide open targets, and he capitalized early and often. Of Hasselbeck's Five TDs, he connected with four different receivers and threw two scores to his number one receiver Darrell Jackson. The Seahawks running attack was not potent but helped the team convert first downs and move the chains. The team is a bit banged up on offense with Shaun Alexander's foot problems, Matt Hasselbeck's bruised ribs and several key injuries on the offensive line and tight end positions. On defense the Seahawks seemed to be flying all around the field, creating turnovers and winning the battle in the trenches. Ken Hamlin had a huge day with two interceptions and playing well in terms of run support. For the most part the Seahawks kept the Giants weapons in check and played a very solid game overall.

While the Seahawks must be careful of letting their guard down once they get a big lead, in the end this was a dominating performance. But you have to play all four quarters of football if you expect to compete throughout the year. As for the Giants, they need to find a way to start games better. With the veterans and stars on their roster, they have no reason to put out that sort of effort.