Is the TNA Knockout Division back on the rise?

SlamZillaContributor IOctober 20, 2010

It is being reported that former WWE Diva Katie Lee Burchill (real name: Katarina Waters) has been signed recently by TNA. This on the heels of Mickie James making her debut with the company. Could this be a sign that things are finally going to start improving for the Knockouts?

This has been quite a turnaround from the mass exodus that occurred not too long ago. Five big names left the Knockouts Division in very short period of time: Gail Kim, ODB, Awesome Kong, Tara, and Roxxi. Each of those left a void in what was once a great women's division, and they were only a handful of talent to be forgotten in the end.

But lately things have started to look up.  First came the return of Tara, which was very much needed, as she is a great in ring worker and brings a new dynamic to the ongoing Beautiful People vs Madison Rayne saga. 

With Mickie James in the mix, we have another fresh face that can not only entertain, but she can wrestle too! 

The news of Katie Lee has excited her followers who believe that she was never properly used in WWE. Lets face it: She was hardly used at all, except for putting over the flavor of the month Diva, who usually had much less talent.  This occurred despite having a great look, lots of talent, and a rather loyal following.  I myself am guilty of having a crush on this particular Vixen.

But is this really the dawn of a new era for the Knockouts? 

Is TNA finally realizing the mistake that they made by letting all their best female talent go, putting the women's division on the back burner? It would appear that way, if these recent signings are any indication. 

But there is still one small problem.  They must be used to their full potential.  No nonsense like we saw on this past episode of Impact, where Tara simply laid down to allow Madison Rayne to pin her, thus taking back the Knockouts Championship (Hogan vs Nash style) has to stop. 

I understand from a storyline point of view that this was done to set up a feud between Rayne and Mickie James, but there could have been a better way of doing it.  Things like this just makes the championship look bad.  Of course, that was probably the point.  Making Rayne look like an unworthy champion allows James to look even better when she wins.  But now that they have gotten it out of the way, they need to let these women show us what they can do in the ring, because that is what TNA fans have come to love about the Knockouts.

Lets just hope this really is a sign of better things to come.