Shimmer Women Athletes: Who Said Guys Had To Have All The Fun?

Frankie GargiuloContributor IIIOctober 20, 2010

Shimmer Logo
Shimmer Logo

Amazing, talented, skilled and quite frankly sometimes better than the guys.

If you follow professional wrestling like I do, you have heard the name Shimmer Women Athletes come past you, one way or another.

Shimmer is by far, one of the top Independent wrestling promotions currently running in the U.S.

Shimmer, which was started back in 2005, it has established itself as the place to be for female wrestling athletes.

Promoted in Chicago, these women are “wrestlers;” let me state that in bold lettering: “wrestlers.” They’re not divas!

They truly know how professional wrestling should be sold and performed in a ring, but this doesn’t mean that these ladies are unappealing!

These women are unbelievably gorgeous! Just with that extra sprinkle of sass added.

Shimmer’s notoriety was established by contributing to some of the most notable female wrestling talents, currently in the wrestling business, such as:

2x TNA Knockout Champ Amazing Kong, WWE Diva Nattie Neidhart, former WWE Diva Serena Deeb, former TNA Knockout Roxxi – Nikki Roxx, LuFisto, Allison Danger, Daffney, Daizee Haze, Mercedes Martinez, Neveah, Ring of Honor Queen of Wrestling Sara Del Rey and MsChif.

Shimmer is an amazing promotion operated by Dave Prazak and Allison Danger. The two collaborated on the idea that fans of professional wrestling wanted to see more than just T&A; they want to see women “wrestle” and not just get by on their good looks.

Personally, I wish Shimmer started to make their way over to the east coast more often. I’d really like to see their shows in NYC aside from seeing Daizee, Sara or MsChif at Ring of Honor.  

I feel that if they can establish themselves here in NYC, they can start to build a name for themselves quickly, just like the recent Chikara Pro wrestling event that was held in Brooklyn.

I wanted to write about Shimmer, due to my own personal interest with independent wrestling promotions; plus, I wanted to establish Shimmer on B/ because most fans don’t even know about the promotion.

Also, most fans will only remember GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) as the only female promoted wrestling organization.

I have attached a Shimmer video that I found off to this article. I wanted fans to see how awesome this in-ring action is.

I’m hoping to establish Shimmer among other independent promotions here on B/, mostly due to the site being WWE and TNA oriented.

If you’d like more info on Shimmer Women Athletes, go to their website at

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.