WWE: Randy Orton-John Cena-Wade Barrett...Good Storyline Coming?

Karan ChhajtaContributor IOctober 20, 2010

Randy Orton- WWE Champion
Randy Orton- WWE Champion

Last RAW we saw the physical demolition of the current WWE champ Randy Orton. The circumstances in which this happened, and what followed, makes me think that the WWE script writers may just be close to forming a really good storyline.

John 'I will take ya down!' Cena is now in the corner of Wade Barrett, leader of Nexus and the number one contender for the WWE title at Bragging Rights. Cena teamed up with the Viper and took out the new Nexus candidates Husky and Mike with ease. Cena was shown letting out a wave of 'emotion'( ah, Micheal Cole) after the victory and even Orton seemed quite animated. ( WOW, They beat two NXT season 2 superstars and celebrated that way then I don't wanna imagine how they would react if they ever won a tag team title. Jumping together onto the announce table and hugging Jerry Lawler?)

What next, John Cena offered his hand to Randy Orton. Now I have heard many people saying that it got RIDICULOUS at this point because, if we just tweak out memories and go back in time. How long? ONE YEAR. Orton had Cena tied up at the outside of the ring and was caning him to death at Bragging Rights in an 'I Quit!' match(which John ended up winning) after he had punted Cena and won the WWE Title at Hell in a Cell.

These images when put next to the images of an ecstatic Cena wanting to shake Orton's hand seem a little.....at odds.

I have thought long and have arrived at 3 possible ways the WWE can make a really captivating story out of the current situation.

1) JOIN FORCES- Cena/Orton join forces and destroy the Nexus in the upcoming RAW through any means necessary. And at Bragging Rights, since Cena can't do much about it, the RAW and Smackdown rosters interrupt the Orton-Barrett match and beatdown on the Nexus. The GM sees the state of affairs, does NOT fire Cena and makes some sort of a match out of it for the next PPV.  This would be an OK move by the WWE. Maintaining interest and also the hope that the Nexus may finally be vanquished for good.

2) CENA SNAPS- Orton gets beat up bad by Barrett(since he is not a 100% after the recent assault). Barret would be on his way to a shockingly 'fair' victory over the Viper but JUST BECAUSE he is Wade Barret, he would call the rest of his troops and and would be about to resort to unfair means. Cena FINALLY snaps, not being able to take any more and beats them up. He would get 'fired' on the next RAW or maybe another twist. Its an anonymous GM folks! So we do not know what to expect.

3) IN ORTON's WAY- Randy had warned John Cena on RAW that if he gets in his way at Bragging Rights, he would Punt his skull off. So, during the title match against Barrett, the Viper has the upper hand and is about to unleash a vicious Punt. Cena dives in to protect Barrett and takes the Punt instead. Orton stands shocked, a distraction, and Barrett somehow gets in a cheapshot and wins! A Viper looking for revenge after being stripped of the title teaming up with Cena may be a 'WWE's Last Stand against Nexus' storyline. If anyone remembers, there was this post NOC promo on a recent Smackdown episode of Cena and Nexus in which the 'Cena joining Nexus' part was highlighted. Towards the end, a tagline came along 'Who will beat the Nexus?' and the letters Randy Orton flashed. A clue or something more to what is in store?(Woah that rhymes *shiver*)

Now if rumours that  Cena is taking a break from WWE are true, then the 2nd and 3rd possibilities may happen. He either gets himself fired, or punted out for weeks. Or if those rumours are false, he just teams up with Orton or maybe gets a heel turn or something. Your thoughts are VERY welcome! Thank you!