Fireside Chats #20: Where we look ahead, maybe too far ahead

Evan BrunellCorrespondent IJune 14, 2016

Boston Red Sox podcast for MVN Radio Episode 20 where we look ahead, maybe too far ahead and Tim puts the cart before the horse multiple times.

Episode #20
Hosts: Paul Testa, Tim Daloisio
Guests: Riding solo

For those of you familiar with our opening, it features a quote from Manny Ramirez. Well, Manny’s gone and we are looking to move on. So I am calling out to you all, we are in need of a new quote to anchor our podcast introduction. Keep the ideas flowing and we’ll run them down in next week’s show then put it too a vote.

With that out of the way, tonight’s show will take us through reactions to Evan’s piece this week on Kevin Youkilis’ MVP credentials, my piece on Jon Lester, Daisuke Matsuzaka and the Cy, and we’ll break down the schedule that takes us home.

All that and more on Episode #20 of Fireside Chats at MVN!

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