10 Reasons To Get Back Into Pro Wrestling

Pavitar SidhuCorrespondent IOctober 20, 2010

Have you found yourself slipping away from pro wrestling? It might be time for you to dive back in and become passionate about the business again.

10 Reasons To Get Back Into Pro Wrestling

If you're like me, you've been barely paying attention. At this point, only your absolute favorites keep you holding on. In my case, that would be Pope and Mr. Anderson, as well as The Miz, (who I predicted would skyrocket before Miz and Morrison even because a tag team).

Anyway, back to the article, which is going to inject some hope, hype and excitement back into about the direction of pro wrestling the way we've grown to love it.

As stated above, there are some promising signs within the industry and they're all great reasons for giving it another serious chance.

These are in no particular order, but some hold more importance than others obviously.

1 - TNA is on the verge of exploding into a supernova.

We have all put down Total Nonstop Action.

We have all rallied against the Hogan administration. We are all sick of the crazy twisting turning story lines. We are all sick of the myriad of stables, groups, and alliances that are not given the proper time to become something special.

Most of us are still upset that so much time is given to the old folks running around TNA, (even though they've really taken a back seat).

And even still—pay attention to the product or, if you haven't been watching, watch it.

It's good. Really good.

Outside of the silly story lines and the overlapping progression, take a look at the actual work that is going on. Even though you don't like a lot of the stories in place, think about the personalities.

How many of them would you just like to see given that one major push? There are a lot of them. How many of you have already put it into your minds that one day soon, Matt Hardy will show up, join Jeff Hardy, and together terrorize TNA as an ultimate tag team?

How many are waiting around for Mr. Anderson to get that title? How many are waiting for after that when Pope comes to take it? How many promos are just disgustingly good and old school?

Even as TNA takes a lot of criticism, they've produced. Take a good look at it.

2 - Titles will begin to mean something again.

No longer are there fifty titles floating around in WWE. No longer a roster of 10, TNA can actually afford to have some lengthy championship runs.

The marches towards the major titles in WWE will once again become something of a Lord of the Rings type saga: Something the fans crave; something the fans have missed.

Soon, the title will once again define the wrestler. No longer will the wrestler define the title. Soon epic clashes that sell out stadiums in seconds will return.

The companies, especially WWE, simply won't be able to afford to keep slinging titles around.

3 - A legit farm system has returned.

Remember back when there were two massive pro wrestling companies going to war against one another? How many of those guys on the roster were tremendous? How many of those did you actually recognize before they became big names in WCW or WWF? A lot of them actually. Know why? ECW.

Now, a new "minor league" promotion has hit the mainstream and almost instantly, WWE and TNA have started ripping their top talent away.

Ring of Honor, like ECW, could become the saving grace of both companies.

The little hit machine that the two major companies constantly go to for instant and sure-fire talent.

The best part? You know that anybody coming out of RoH can get down in that ring. So when they make the move they bring the quality of matches up, not down.

4 - Vince McMahon can't stop it now.

What is this thing he can't stop, you ask? Time. Actually, he's out of it.

This is probably the most important thing on this list and for good reason.

For years, Vinny Mac has held on to his top level guys. He has worked them to the bone in countless programs against each other—over and over and over again.

He can't do this anymore. He won't do this anymore.

HBK - gone.
Batista - gone.
Jericho - soon.
Undertaker - soon.
Austin - not coming back.
Rock - not coming back.
Hardy, (the superstar one) - gone.

You get the idea. But why is this important? It's important because, in order for WWE to survive, Vinny Mac is going to have to produce new main event stars. He's actually going to have to do some work, and that is when he is at his best.

That is when nobody in the industry world wide can touch him. That is when his product becomes something other than just pro wrestling. It becomes drop dead entertainment.

You can already see it happening. A new set of guys are being groomed at breakneck speed. The guys who are still around who are mega stars? Separated in order to get the new crop of main event guys ready.

If you haven't been watching WWE, start now. It will only get better from here on out.

5 - The Road to Wrestlemania.

Yep. It's already that time.

If you only watch WWE for a few months out of the year, make sure it's from October to April. The Hype cannot be denied and the quality slowly goes up.

On top of that, this year, go back to reason #4. There is going to be some outstanding material coming up in the next half year. Don't miss any of it.

6 - This is probably your last chance to look at, and appreciate a lot of legends.

Soon, very soon, as partially mentioned above, there are going to be a lot of guys hanging up the boots.

These guys aren't just "great" wrestlers who are now done in the industry—these are some of, if not the greatest personalities in pro wrestling history.

Kevin Nash, Sting, Undertaker, Jericho, Hogan, Foley, Edge, and even Mysterio might be gone a lot sooner than you think.

Though a lot of us whine a bit now, when they go they will leave massive voids in the industry and as it stands there are no Austin's, Rock's, or nWo's in place to keep it going.

7 - Diva Knockouts.

Miss Elizabeth, Sensational Sherry, Medusa, Gorgeous George.

Jump ahead and passed Trish, Lita, and Ivory.

Right now? In TNA and WWE? Putting the wrestling talent aside? This era of female workers is by far the most delicious to look at. Top to bottom they are all sizzling.

From backstage personalities to in-ring dynamos the women in the industry right now are 100% beautiful and the variety is unmatched by any era in the history of the business.

Google Maryse. Google Velvet Sky. Better yet, watch WWE and TNA programming. They're better live and in color.

8 - AJ Styles.

This one goes out to the WWE loyalists. Don't do it to yourself.

Watch TNA. Watch AJ Styles. He is, right now, the best professional wrestler going today.

He is the apex. He is the summit. He has become the complete package, and you are missing out on it.

He could be an era all by himself if TNA puts the world title back on him and allows him to mow down every challenger for a year.

He is second to none. He is the alpha male right now.

9 - The Miz.

Hey, TNA fanatics. I got something awesome for you. You WWE fans who have walked away? Look back over your shoulder.

Look through MVP, Morrison, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swaggar, Christian, Matt Hardy, Dolph Ziggler.

Step around CM Punk, Sheamus, Orton, and Jericho.

Everybody take a good look at The Miz. Bow down before him. It's been awhile since you've been treated to an ultra-slow superstar progression that ends with a world title capture and era-defining reign.

The Miz is sitting there, waiting for you to pay attention.

He's never been crowned "the chosen one" or "the next one" or "the future" or anything like that. He just goes out there and owns it.

Anybody who has ever been put into a program with him of any kind has come out of the other side with a boost. The Miz made Balls Mahoney relevant again. He basically signed Kelly Kelly to a long term WWE contract. He saved Morrison, even though everybody swore it was Morrison who was saving him.

In terms of what WWE wants in an alpha male performer? The Miz is that guy. On top of that, with the company simply out of options in terms of old star power, Miz is almost 100% locked in to a major major championship and main event push.

Royal Rumble, watch out.

10 - You've recharged!

Jericho did it. Jeff Hardy always does it. Sting used to do it.

You get burned out. You get fed up. You go away for awhile.

Well, guess what ladies and gentlemen, it's time to come back to the squared circle and become a fan again.

The next revolution is coming and it'll be televised via three separate companies.

Don't miss out!


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