WRESTLINGVOICE: Interview With ROH Founder and Head of RF Video Rob Feinstein

Duane DooganCorrespondent IOctober 19, 2010

In this exclusive interview Rob Feinstein talks to WrestlingVoice.net writers Duane Doogan & Luke Barry in great details about how he got into the wrestling business, his time in ECW, his role in the bWo and what Sean Waltman thought of him playing the Syxx parody, founding ROH, some of his memories of shoot interviews he's filmed and also about the upcoming Sean Waltman and Kevin Nash face off release where Nash cries while talking about Waltman's suicide attempt in Mexico (preview under audio player).

This was a great interview, Rob was very friendly and had a lot of topics to discuss so check it out. Also, be sure to go to RFvideo.com for more on Rob and his video series.

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