Paul Heyman Has Cung Le Show Us The Way

Tim ListAnalyst IOctober 19, 2010

Paul Heyman has positioned himself as a very important figure in the world of mixed martial arts, even though he is not employed by UFC, Strikeforce, or Bellator. I guess it would be unfair to categorize Heyman as "former pro wrestling visionary" or "former ECW owner and WWE Smackdown Head Writer" anymore.
At 45 years old, "The Mad Scientist" shifted gears when most others are looking for the steady, easy flow.

The controversial Heyman, whose tenures as creative head for himself ("Extreme" Championship Wrestling) and Vince McMahon (on a sports-oriented Smackdown when Raw had gone the route of silly skits and Katie Vick) have become legendary "booker" (head writer) terms in the annals of pro wrestling, teamed with New York City commercial director and online music pioneer Mitchell Stuart, whose HQ Productions launched Clear Channel's response to AOL Sessions, a show called Stripped: Raw and Real.
Heyman and Stuart, who co-created The Heyman Hustle, opened up the Looking 4 Larry (is that a marijuana reference?) agency, and were scooped up immediately by Randy Chase and the boys at EA Sports MMA.

Smart move by EA, especially in the soft video game market and considering THQ has just pulled back from UFC video games being once a year to once every eighteen months.
The first video was a Heyman Hustle episode with Nick Diaz, a funny look at a most serious fighter's public persona. Next up was a look at Frank Shamrock in Retirement, a short film by the legend who has retired, for a second time, too early. Then came the video called Fabricio Werdum: Live The Moment, with the BJJ star reliving his triumphant victory over Fedor Emelianenko.
Heyman and Stuart have no released The Way of Cung Le (that link will take you to the UHQ version on the Hustle's YouTube channel), with the Vietnamese-American Sanshou master discussing how his moves are if God had a joystick.
All great character vignettes from the man co-writing the autobiography of the biggest star in the entire sport, UFC Undisputed Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar.
Oh, did I forget to mention that little fact, too?