Gail Kim Gone? Or Just a Story Line?

warcroftCorrespondent IAugust 20, 2008

With the recent removal of Gail Kims profile and photos from the TNA website I thought Id do a little hunting around to see if I could find some answers.


This is the latest blog posted by Gail Kim on her MySpace page, dated 20th August. . .

Hey guys! ive been gone for soooo long...Ive been doing my best to catch up when i get a chance but being on the road so much lately, I cant even find time to do simple things like pay my bills!!! :) To everyone on the forum, I emailed Chris to post a new message because once again, Im having problems logging in.  i think its been so long that i once again have forgotten my password and cant retrieve it... I tried, but somethings not right.  maybe its one too many hits to the head!  I just addressed basically that Ive been on the road more than ive ever been before and its been impossible for me to even find time for some good rest.... so dont be mad when i dont check in all the time...its not because I dont want to, its because i really dont find the time.  As for tna live events, most people are wondering why im not on the shows and its usually because im previously booked on other events/conventions.  A lot of curiosity about Katie...check out next weeks show to see more....she is adorable isnt she?  well its bye for now but once i get things in order, ill be back!  xoxoxo

Now, is Katie the name of Gail Kims 'sister' thats been shown the past couple of weeks on TNA?
If so, well, Gail Kim's 'sister' from Impact is actually referee Earl Hebner's real-life daughter.

This all sounds like a story line thing.

Stay tuned to TNA to see what this is all about.