Juiced Up Athletes Who Cheated and Lied About Steroids

Mr BlutarskiContributor IOctober 19, 2010

Juiced Up Athletes Who Cheated and Lied About Steroids

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    Although he finally came clean, he has to be on this list. Steroids have ravaged his body and his career is over. His coming clean is way more than I can say for my list of all-time juiced up athletes. I think he knew his career was over so he decided to write his tell-all book. Unfortunately since then this guy has been down quite a rocky road. He lost everything. The latest I heard he was playing baseball in Laredo Texas. If your gonna cheat, be prepared to take the heat. So here is my list of all-time juiced up cheaters.

Lance Armstrong

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    Although he continues to deny Steroid use, we can safely assume he was juicing.

Tony Mandarich

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    Over-hyped and over-sized, this guy was definitley on the stuff.

Barry Bonds

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    This guy is the absolute worst. He lied, cheated, lied again etc.... How about some prison time for him?

Mark Mcgwire The Liar

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    He pretty much cooked his own goose at the Senate hearings.

Rafael Palmero

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    This was hilarious. He lied at the Senate hearings and then gets caught afterwords. A real good role model.

Jason Giambi

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    He was so busted!

Marion Jail Jones

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    Ok ,she lied, she cheated, she went to jail. Why didn't any male athlete's serve time? She admitted to her doping, which is more than I can say for her male counterparts. She has got more balls than these men.

Roger Dodger The Truth Clemens

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    Typical coward hiding behind an attorney. Hey Roger, you lied admit it like a man.

Lyle Alzado

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    This guy paid the ultimate price.

Ben Denial Johnson

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    Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson whips American sprinter Carl Lewis then has his medal stripped for doping. He continually denies the charges.