Lindsay McCormick Pics: Meet the Latest Hottie on Mark Sanchez's Arm

Elliott PohnlFeatured ColumnistOctober 19, 2010

Lindsay McCormick Pics: Meet the Latest Hottie on Mark Sanchez's Arm

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    Lindsay McCormick is the latest babe to be linked to Mark Sanchez, after a New York Post story claimed the two have become romantically involved.

    The exact nature of their relationship remains a mystery, but there is no doubt that Lindsay is Sanchez's type.

    Here's a closer look at the lovely Lindsay McCormick.

No. 10: A Little Background

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    Lindsay grew up in Houston and decided to attend Auburn University after high school. 

    She majored in Communications and got involved with Eagle Eye TV, Auburn's student news station.

    Southern girls just love their football...

No. 9: In Front Of The Camera

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    In 2007, Lindsay began hosting for Eagle Eye TV.

    She joined MTVu in the fall and hosted a music countdown show called "The Dean's List" from the Auburn Campus.

    With her undeniable hotness and ambition, Lindsay's career would soon begin to take off.

No. 8: Suited For Sports

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    As part of her work with Eagle Eye TV, Lindsay covered sporting events and interviewed numerous athletes and coaches.

    Her life-long love of sports inspired her pursue an internship with ESPN...

No. 7: The Beginning In Bristol

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    Lindsay landed an internship with ESPN during her senior year at Auburn and worked behind the scenes in a production role.

    It's easy to see why she belonged in front of the camera...

No. 6: It's a Fantasy

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    Lindsay soon found herself on a big stage with ESPN, serving as a contributor on a variety of the network's programming, including fantasy football coverage and work with ESPN's College Gameday.

    She also covered the NFL for ESPN The Magazine.

    Maybe that's where she met a certain NFL quarterback...

No. 5: Adding to Her Resume

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    In addition to her extensive college football work, Lindsay also appeared on ESPN's "Streak for the Cash."

    Here's a closer look at Lindsay's full body of work...

No. 4: Not a Diagram For Success

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    If the Page Six rumors are true, then Lindsay and Mark Sanchez will need to strengthen their love despite being in a long distance relationship.

    Lindsay currently lives in Portland and covers the Trail Blazers for Comcast.

    Wondering what is going on in this photo?  You're certainly not alone.

No. 3: Big Shoes to Fill

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    Mark Sanchez's dating history has been well-documented.

    The hot-shot QB has been linked to model Hilary Rhoda and actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler, among others.

    That's nothing Lindsay can't handle...

No. 2: The Denial

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    If there is a relationship, do you really expect either party to admit it right now?

    Lindsay has admitted that she and Sanchez are "friends" but denies there is anything more complicated going on.

    Sanchez hasn't responded to the rumors publicly, and the New York Post reported that the Jets officially had no comment on the matter.

    The connection between the two seems to suggest there is at least a little something going on...

No. 1: The Next Erin Andrews?

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    Who will be the next Erin Andrews, Jenn Brown or Lindsay McCormick?

    No need to choose just one.

    There is enough room for two on the sidelines, and plenty of coaches to question about special teams breakdowns and injuries.

    For the sake of her career, it might be a good idea to keep any relationship with a strong-armed quarterback under wraps for the moment.

    It looks like you will be able to look forward to seeing Lindsay in front of the camera for years to come.