Wayne Rooney and Garry Cooks' Napkin Pre World Cup

True BlueCorrespondent IOctober 19, 2010

Welcome to Manchester part 2
Welcome to Manchester part 2

It was widely reported in the middle of July 2010, pre-World Cup that Noel Gallagher had had a meeting with Garry Cook and that he had, as usual a lot to say.

Garry Cook apparently wrote a list of players on a napkin and showed Noel the names. The list was that of players Manchester City intended to buy.

Noel made it clear that everybody would be 'blown away' by the content of that list.

Now it must be said that many people were left a little deflated when the summer transfer business was finally concluded.

Yes City bought a few names, but it seemed to some that the 'blown away' element of the napkin had failed to happen.

Perhaps the names of Silva, Kolarov, Balotelli, Toure, Milner and Boateng were meant to be the expensive warm up act for one more.

Perhaps Noels eye had naturally been drawn to one name, a name of someone at that time considered as one of footballs untouchables. Just like Fabregas at Arsenal or Messi at Barcelona this name would blown you away if he were to sign for City.

It seems the player in question was even then Wayne Rooney.

Since 'Napkingate' Rooney has had a torrid time both on and off the field but it could now be argued that on-field his lack of desire points to his decision to move to City had been made a long time ago.

And for those not in the know, Manchester City have still got the No. 10 squad number free.