Rooney To Leave United: Barcelona Should Sign Him Before Real, Man City, Chelsea

Imran Ashraf@imransuhailContributor IOctober 19, 2010

Look at my eyes. I want to leave... now!
Look at my eyes. I want to leave... now!Clive Mason/Getty Images

Wayne Rooney wants to leave Manchester United!

We all knew this day was coming but no one thought it would, just a few months ago. Rooney has been the image of Manchester United before Christiano Ronaldo and after he left. The British media has made his life hell and he wants to leave. Some say its also because he wanted his club to sign able replacements from ageing legends Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes. Whatever the Reason may be, Rooney has stopped contract negotiations and has made it clear that he wants to leave.

Rooney out of form

Rooney has been out of form. He is not scoring goals, is low on morale and seems to be playing like he is 35. If he is to leave, he needs to go somewhere where he will have a coach that is willing to play him, take care of him, and somehow get his motivation and hunger for goals back. There are few clubs that can afford him, and out of these the top two Spanish clubs Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are bound to be interested.

The options

Manchester City: Yes, Manchester City will pay anyprice for him, and Manchester United owners Glazers will want to get the highest price possible for him. This means Manchester City are the strongest candidates.

Chelsea: Chelsea also want a striker to replace aging Drogba but Drogba is still knocking in the goals and Rooney is not. I dont Chelsea think they will take this risk.

Real Madrid: Mourinho is an admirer, but has been saying repeatedly that they donot want to sign any new player. This might not be entirely true, but it might be enough to put off Rooney and he might want to join a club that clearly wants him to come on board. Mardid already have a big squad and a center forward like Benzema is on the bench all season. Not a good place for Rooney to go. Especially when the main CF (Higuain) has been scoring non stop since the start of last season.

FC Barcelona: The club which plays to most attractive football, has 7 of the latest word cup winners, has the best player in the world Messi and the best midfield duo of assist-masters xavi and iniesta. Definitely a dream place for any center forward due to the wealth of talent, hunger for trophies and number of chances created for goals. Yes I and a Barca fan so dont expect be to be unbiased. Pep Guardiola turned the most exciting winger of 2008 into the most prolific goal scoring machine for 2009/2010. Yes messi always had the skills but he never truly came out of his shell tell Guardiola took charge. If there is anyone else after Mourinho who gets the best out of his players its Pep Guardiola. Whether Barca want a new CF or do they have the funds for this move, we will see in a minute, but would Rooney go to FCB if given the chance? YES. Who wouldn't. And he will relish the opportunity to play with his favourite foreign player i.e. Messi.


Barcelona are in debt and do not have the funds for this. Really?

Yes Barca are in huge debt and already spent some money this season, but remember the 50 million they said they still had for Cesc Fabregas? "But we still want Cesc". OK. Undestandable. Barca's obsession with Cesc Fabregas is never-ending. Now what. I have another solution my friends.

Remember that tall swede we replaced the legendary Eto'o with? Zlatan Ibrahimovic is on loan to AC Milan and they WILL sign him as soon as Barca allow them to. Barcelona should ask Manchester United for a price, and put up that price (+5 million for negotiation) to AC Milan for Zlatan. He is scoring regularly for them, and if he scores against Manchester United in their upcoming Chapions League match AC Milan will love to sign him. Well, they will sign him anyway, even if just to piss-off Inter Milan. "Mourinho left you, and your ex-striker is scoring goals for us, hahahaha".

The "Barca plan" for Rooney

"To do list" for Barca.

  • Sell Zlatan.
  • Get Rooney.
  • Put him in a 'dream' forward line with Villa (second striker) on the left and Messi (withdrawn striker and secondary playmaker) on right.
  • Win this psychological battle with Real Madrid and cause them discomfort. Yeah baby!

Villa was brilliant on the left wing against Valencia. He is a great striker but he prefers to cut-in from the wing, and that suits Barca's style too. Good for the tiki-taka triangles. We need a pure CF and Bojan needs a little more time to develop. Bojan is the future but we need a pure striker with strength right now. For those who hate me because they want to see Bojan play, Barcelona can sell Rooney to Manchester City or AC Milan after 3-4 years when Bojan hits his top form and gets consistent.

Rooney is famous. Barca need money. He will make the team more marketable. Like the Galanticos, Barca with Rooney will be a marketing sensation since they already have Messi, Villa and Xavi.

Unsettled Manchester United players perform well in La Liga

The curious case of Diego Forlan, and the strange transfer of Gerard Pique. Forlan was the most awesome player at the world cup and carries Athletico Madrid on his shoulders most of the time. Pique is one of the most respected defenders now. What is to say that Rooney will no suddenly find form and shock everyone if he comes to Barca. Remember when forlan has scored only 10 goals in around 150 matches for Manchester United, He came to spain and immediatly became the leagues top scorer.I like that statistic.

We must get Rooney!!!


All the haters are welcome to post their angry rants below. I like debates!


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