Stop Insulting WWE fans' Inteligence

none noneContributor IAugust 20, 2008

When watching Monday night RAW or Smackdown or sometime the not so popular ECW I often get the comment from others, "You know its fake right?".  Friends ask this as if they were concerned about me that I might think it is real.  Of course it is fake.  What people need to do is keep an open mind and stop trashing the WWE.  The company is World Wrestling Entertainment.  The key word there is entertainment.  It may not be real wrestling but just like all the other shows on television they are scripted as well.  Just because the WWE is scripted does not mean that these WWE wrestlers don't take some beatings.  My girlfriend refused to watch Smackdown on television but was talked into going to a live event in Little Rock and loved it.  WWE "bashers," keep an open mind and view the WWE as it is, entertainment.  Also do the fans a favor and stop telling them it is fake.