Brett Favre-Jenn Sterger Scandal: Where Are the Facts? Part III Of III

Mary Ann ReitanoContributor IIIOctober 19, 2010

Brett Favre
Brett FavreDave Martin/Getty Images

Writer Note: This is Part III of a three-part series.  If you'd like to read Part I and Part II first, hit the hyperlinks and have at it. Also, this will certainly not be my last article on this scandal, as more evidence has been presented to me from other sources. I will be making some calls and gathering information over the next few days and subsequently publishing more very soon. presents three specific pieces of evidence in support of their allegations against Brett Favre: the cell phone calls, the photos and the MySpace messages.  They also make reference to documents they obtained that show that a Jets media relations manager was acting as a liaison between former employee Jenn Sterger and Favre, yet they never share these documents as evidence.  

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So, in all honesty, they can say they have these documents, but until they actually share them with the public, it is nothing more than hearsay.  In fact, a large portion of the story spun by is nothing more than conjecture.  What everyone is conveniently forgetting here is that the burden of proof is on Sterger, not Favre.

The fashion in which is presenting evidence is murky at best and the fact that there are no specific dates or times given, with exception to the MySpace messages, shows, at the very least, that is more concerned with spinning the story and making some serious leaps of faith with no corroboration whatsoever.   

Not to mention, the continuity between their stories is laughable.  In one story they say the phone calls came first, another they claim someone approached Sterger asking for her number and the MySpace messages don’t even make sense based on the presentation of evidence.


The Phone Calls

At first blush, the phone calls are certainly the most damaging of the pieces of evidence because the voice certainly sounds like that of Brett Favre.  Barring the use of voice recognition software, I believe that there may well have been phone conversations between someone alleging to be Favre and Sterger or quite possible Brett himself and Sterger. 

Yet, why did Deadspin decide to present the phone call recordings, the MySpace messages and the alleged photos as one collective piece of evidence splicing them together in the same media format? 

Why aren’t the entire voice messages, from beginning to end, presented as individual pieces of evidence?  Why are they spliced together? Where are the date and time stamps?  They certainly would be more effective evidence if the entire calls were given from start to finish, or are their portions of the calls that Sterger and don’t want made public? 

Deadspin glosses over information in a convenient fashion.  In the first voicemail they present, the voice alleged to be Favre says, “Jenn, It’s now set up …” and then goes on to talk about her possibly coming over and how he’d love to see her.  Then it goes into someone named Aaron asking for her number or giving her Favre’s number.  Well, if something is set up, an interview perhaps, and they obviously already have each other’s numbers, including the discussion about who is giving who the numbers seems irrelevant to include as evidence.  What was set up? Why all the talk about phone numbers?  And who is Aaron?


The Photos

Any decent defense attorney could have this evidence dismissed in short order.  The only way these photos can be linked to Favre is if Sterger still has the original messages in her phone with a phone number that can be proven to have belonged to Brett Favre in 2008.  Also, the date and time stamp would be needed as well to corroborate this piece of evidence.

Deadspin claims that they can prove that the photos are of Favre because he is wearing the same watch in the photos that he wore at multiple press conferences.  Yet, at the press conferences, the photos that Deadspin uses as close-ups show Favre at pressers yet only the face of the watch is visible. 

In the sexually explicit photos that Deadspin claims to have spent a significant amount of money for, we only see the back part of the watchband, not the face.  Additionally, due to the graininess of the photos, we can’t be sure that the watch band is leather or a nylon fabric.  The pic of Favre given with this article clearly shows the watch in question as having a leather strap. Therefore, Deadspin’s use of the watch as confirmation is certainly not enough.

Phone records would have to be subpoenaed from both Favre and Sterger to confirm not only that the messages were sent from Favre’s phone to Sterger’s, but also to look into exactly how often the two communicated with each other.  Based on the phone call evidence, this writer is confident that calls did take place, back and forth, between someone alleged to be Favre and Sterger, yet there is no specific evidence in the phone calls that support any kind of romantic advances from Favre.  If Deadspin wants to keep this story alive, they will need to come up with more convincing evidence than what they have presented thus far.


The MySpace Messages

These messages are the easiest to disprove and AJ Daurelio at should be ashamed of himself for thinking for a moment that these would stand up to scrutiny.  First, someone physically describing Brett Favre doesn’t make it Brett Favre.  How describing himself without naming himself makes it Favre is beyond me.  Not to mention the fact that this was a private message between the two of them, why would Favre have to be covert about identifying himself? 

Most importantly, the poster claims that this was the only way he had to communicate with Sterger.  Well, according to Deadspin, the first alleged interaction was someone claiming to represent the Jets/Favre asking for Sterger’s cell number and most importantly, there is no denial or refusal stating that Sterger refused to give out her number. If she had refused to give it out, Deadspin would have made that abundantly clear, *not* be so non-specific.

If he had her cell number already why would he claim on MySpace that he was trying to “reach her without being too obvious?”  Why the need to contact her via MySpace at all?  He, according to Deadspin, had her cell number already, the phones calls came first. So why would he need to include a phone number in the MySpace message or use MySpace at all for that matter?

After looking into the area code given, here is where it gets interesting.  The majority of the State of Mississippi has a 601 area code, the same that was shown in the MySpace messages.  A unique wrinkle is that, in 2005 the Hattiesburg area, where the Favre’s maintain a permanent residence, had an additional area code added as an overlay on top of the 601 area code, due primarily to the need for cell phone numbers.  At present, Hattiesburg has two area codes, 601 and 769.  

The dates and times “8/22/2008 10:59 PM” and “8/23/2008 10:33 AM” coincide with the following day’s preseason Sunday night Jets game vs. the NY Giants.  Favre would have been in the team hotel in NJ or could have also been at home considering that the game on the 23rd was a night game.   

The NFL needs to find out where Favre was when these two messages were left on Sterger’s MySpace account.  The 8/23 message would be the most disconcerting because it was a game day and Favre’s family was most likely already living in NJ with him at the time.

Additionally, according to, the Favre’s had already purchased a house in Morristown, NJ and their youngest daughter started school there on Wednesday, September 3, 2008. 

So, as you can see, there are more questions than answers in what is attempting to present as fact. Or, is Deadspin hoping that we will make their fiction into fact?