Stand Up or Sit This One Out For WWE?

Frankie GargiuloContributor IIIOctober 19, 2010

Will you voice your opinion for the WWE?
Will you voice your opinion for the WWE?Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Before I begin my article, let me first state that I hate politics.

Also I find that there is no need to bring politics and the world of professional wrestling together. It’s just another form of power that someone needs that they are currently unhappy with and can’t achieve on their own.  

With that said, let me express my feelings towards the current “Stand up for WWE” campaign.  

Yesterday, I was informed from a good friend of mine that Vince McMahon made a video expressing his thoughts and concerns regard his wife Linda McMahon’s campaign.

Within this video, he basically states the struggle that she is facing with the media.

The subject of the video basically expressed Vince’s idea “Stand up for WWE,” which would allow fans of the WWE Universe to express their own feelings regarding the WWE through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and to “…help correct the bias, inaccurate reports…” Mr. McMahon ends his video message by boldly stating “Let’s show world, the power of the WWE.”

After seeing this video, I knew right off the bat that I wanted to write about it on

However, I wanted this to be an article in which the viewer had some clue of what he or she was going to look at in order to express their feelings towards the subject.

So I took out a piece of paper and jotted down the pros and cons of the WWE. Unfortunately there were more cons then pros. This is the overall main concern of Vince and his wife Linda.

For example in the recent years we have been subjected to understanding that the WWE has done a lot for the public. We’ve had Smackdown Your Vote, WWE Reads, Tribute to the Troops and the Make a Wish Foundation.

But even with all these great achievements under WWE’s belt and all the awards and recognitions that have, it will still not stand up for them in the eyes of politicians and the media.

No matter how you look at it, Linda will just be looked upon as either a person who has partaken in wrestling storylines or the wife of Vince McMahon. An obviously bad publicity in the media is not something you want to have while running for office.

As I stated before, I wrote a list that contained more cons then pros. Which caused me to wonder if Linda even has a chance in running for office, yet winning?

Some of those cons included past storylines within the WWE (which will be looked upon as Linda’s personal work), the use of anabolic steroids within the company and their current drug testing rules regarding the subject (which will be heavily looked upon due to other sports such as Baseball).

But most importantly the number of deaths that have occurred within the company within the past year yet alone the past decade (of course this will include both Eddie and Lance Cade’s deaths as well as the Benoit tragedy and the recent passing of Luna Vachon).

Now before you go off and make your video, post your tweet, edit your status or write something on, ask yourself something before you even move from this article, “what am I going to say?”

Honestly, when I first thought about this, I figured as your normal, average wrestling fan (mark), I’m probably going to say how I’ve been a fan for 20 years, how I grew up with the product and how much I enjoy watching their shows on TV each and every week.  

But if you seriously think about it, it’s not enough! Plus that’s what the average fan is most likely going to talk about in their video. Which is just stating the obvious; political shows on TV and radio will laugh at it and just continue to make a mockery out of the WWE.

So I urge you to cast your vote. But I urge you to do it wisely. I’m hoping that you go and make a video or somehow use social media to your advantage.

We are not just helping out the people that have made us enjoy the sport that we love, we’re helping someone get elected into a position to help run a state. A position, that focuses on an individual’s leadership and background.