Melis Peters Jr.Contributor IAugust 20, 2008

I am all for fan appreciation but there is a time for that and right now is not that time.There is work to be done and that is not going to happen today August20,2008 as the Dallas Cowboys open up practice to the public.It was more like a carnival than practice in fact it reminded me of Rocky III when Rocky trained for Clubber Lang played by Mr.T and Rocky did not train seriously,that is what I see here.The reason for this gratitude is because this is the final year for Texas Stadium which means they will probably do it again next year for the new stadium in Arlington set to open up next season.Fans came all the way from  Austin, TX and were in line since 6a.m. standing and sitting in the rain all day even though gates didn't open up until 4p.m.. The last time an event like this took place was 1991 17 years since the public has been  privileged to see the behind the look at a NFL practice,now I am sure they will not see everything but they will get a taste,but how many time do you see Hall of Fame the original 33 Tony Dorsett hanging out for autographs and other  former players.I just hope they do not loose focus because like Clubber Lang in that first fight the Texans are coming for a fight and to win.