College Football Week 8 Picks: Preview and Predictions

Alex FergusonSenior Analyst IIOctober 18, 2010

EUGENE, OR - OCTOBER 2: Cornerback Cliff Harris #13  and rover Eddie Pleasant #11 of the Oregon Ducks lead the team onto the field for the game against the Stanford Cardinal at Autzen Stadium on October 2, 2010 in Eugene, Oregon. Oregon won the game 52-31. (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)
Steve Dykes/Getty Images

We'd love to give our thoughts on the BCS, but unfortunately, it is what it is.

Oklahoma (people must have thought the win against Air Force, Cincinnati, Utah State and a Texas team that had just been trounced at home by UCLA) must have been pretty amazing to make them No.1. Oregon, who beat No. 12 Stanford, is No. 2.

Right now, all we can do is concentrate on college football and take things day-by-day. We'll be angriest at the end of the season—we promise.

Anyway, here's our predictions for Week 8


UCLA at Oregon

The UCLA Bruins visit the No. 2 Ducks, and the atmosphere's going to be INTENSE at Autzen Stadium (anywhere else in the country apart from Death Valley and Beaver Stadium—eat your heart out). Because of this—and a mighty good offense—we think Oregon will win. By 21.


LSU at Auburn

The No. 6 Tigers and No. 4 Tigers get together with Mike for the most wonderful SEC threesome in years. In a year when virtually EVERYBODY in the division's been damn disappointing, LSU's freak-show victories and Auburn's Cam Newton have made two teams unbeatable...thus far. It's all going to change on Saturday night. We predict LSU will win in a mild "upset." In what fashion? Going by Les Miles's fashion of winning things—probably not comfortably.

Oklahoma at Missouri

There haven't been too many great Big 12 games, but this may very well be one when the top-ranked Sooners (we still can't understand why...) walk into unbeaten No. 11 Missouri on Saturday night. Mizzou was meant to be pretty good in 2008, but failed miserably when they lost at home to Oklahoma State on the day of Oklahoma's stunning "45-35" loss to Texas. Oklahoma wins by seven in a classic.

Penn State at Minnesota

Two teams have been awful in the Big Ten—and one of them was meant to be this year. And the "other one" was Minnesota. Minnesota has now gotten rid of its coach, breathing a bit of new life into a dishevelled program. Penn State is injured, broken and looks offensively anemic. It won't be much of an upset when we say that we're calling for the Gophers to win the Battle of The Inept, and it'll be the Red-Headed Stepchild of Good Football games.

Michigan State at Northwestern

Last season, unranked, unloved Northwestern rolled into Kinnick Stadium and the Wildcats upset the applecart and beat Iowa. No. 7 Michigan State is an outstanding team this year, but could they lose this one? In our view: nope. MSU by 21.

Wisconsin at Iowa

No. 13 Wisconsin played so well against Ohio State that there's nothing we could do after THAT game but give those Badgers a round of applause. Having said that, No. 15 Iowa has only lost one game this year, and that was to Arizona on the road. They've looked pretty good in the rest of their games, too (although they fell asleep and nearly lost to Michigan last week). Iowa's going to win, but by a field goal.

Nebraska at Oklahoma State

The good news for No. 16 Nebraska is that they aren't a bad side. But the bad news for them is that Texas wrote the book on how to beat the Huskers—simply put, 900 fast people in the box and stop Taylor Martinez from playing. The fact is this: If the Nebraska receivers had held onto a ball all day, then we'd probably be looking at an unbeaten "N" right now. No. 14 OSU—who always seems to choke in big games—really aren't that good, which is why we're calling for Nebraska to win...just barely.

Georgia Tech at Clemson

Both teams aren't that great, but both have some great offense to watch in this battle of two teams who should really be playing in the SEC. We're calling for Clemson to avenge last year's two heartbreaking losses, but if this is ANYTHING like the two games last year, this'll be TiVo-worthy viewing.

Alabama at Tennessee

One guy on Twitter remarked that the score at the end of Tennessee's week off was: "Tennessee 6, Off-Week 3." Classic. Yep, the Tennessee Volunteers are that bad this year, people. Alabama will ride roughshod over the Vols, and this one could be over by half-time.

Arizona State at California

Cal was laughably bad against USC, and by promoting them on this week's preview, we're saying: "This team of [Counting Crows lead singer] Adam Duritz can't be this lousy, can they?" The good news is that there are only a few voices calling for Jeff Tedford's job. If Cal loses to an up-and-coming Arizona State, led by better-than-you-think quarterback Stephen Threet, the voices will only get louder. Sun Devils by four in a high-scoring classic.

Before we go, I just want to inform you that she's looking at you. Oh wait a minute...