Joe Burgett Addresses the IWC and Its Effect on Pro Wrestling

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIOctober 18, 2010

The biggest tactic of a creative team in TNA, WWE, ROH and the like is to keep things secret. But, it's almost impossible when you have people, such as myself, on the Internet letting things fly.

One could say that people should keep their mouths shut and people on the 'net wouldn't find out a thing, but others still blame the Internet for ruining wrestling. To those people, I say, "You're a moron."

How am I, just a regular Joe, going to be able to report anything online if I am not told a dang thing? Think about that and get back to me later.

The Internet is also the biggest critic on the wrestling product. You can never make everyone happy, all the time. This much is fact. However, you can make a lot of people happy.

In any case, the Internet is bashed by people all of the time for ruining the product we see on TV weekly. A lot of those people express their thoughts about the Internet (where else?) online, which is actually hilarious to me to say the least

The Internet alliance IWC is known worldwide as the Internet Wrestling Community.

I was on a radio show a few months back, talking about the IWC. For some reason people look at me as a leader of sorts with the alliance. I for one just do my thing and move on, but if you want to call me a "savior," "leader" or what have you, then go ahead. But, I am no leader or savior, trust me.

In any case, because I am looked at as such, I am asked to contribute to a lot of wrestling websites and radio shows. One of which I couldn't turn down, and it was for obvious reasons if you knew my history with the two men running the show. The show was called the Ray and Jason Overnight Show.

The discussion was civil and both men were ultimate professionals with me just to throw that out there.

The duo brought me on to discuss the wrestling media and its effect on pro wrestling, and I feel they wanted to get me to say something bad or try and find some reasons to hate the IWC more, but, they actually agreed with points I made.

Any why was this?

Because I made sense.

Listen, all people need to realize this and need to read carefully: If you have a computer, and you talk about wrestling online in any way, whether it be via YouTube, BlogTalkRadio, a blog, etc. you are a part of the IWC. Deal with it, ladies and gentlemen.

I know some don't want to loop themselves into that, but it's the same with religion. You have some people that are super religious and others who have a religion, but don't go overboard with it. There are different types of people, you know?

The IWC is looked at as the strictest judge of all, and promotions game-plan to make sure that part of their fanbase can be satisfied in some way. Why do you think Low Ki and Bryan Danielson received jobs in the WWE?

Some see it as people who can never be satisfied, but that much is utter bogus, dung on the ground. People can be satisfied, but not everyone will like what is produced on TV. Like I said earlier, you're not going to make all of the people happy, all of the time. You just can't.

So, promotions and people within them, as well as people who see themselves as just observers, should never think that the IWC cannot be satisfied, because it can be. But everyone has their opinion.

That is why the IWC is so great to have.

Because you get a ton of opinions on something, and if you, as a promoter, see what is loved again and again online, and do it on TV, you will get great reviews by the IWC.

Like the other day when the WWE brought in Bryan Danielson on Summerslam. Many had no clue he would be there, and it was kept under wraps very well. So, fans loved it. It was for two reasons.

1. The IWC loves Danielson and will be a fan of seeing him succeed.

2. The WWE actually surprised us by bringing him back in such a great way.


That is the thing that a promotion has to do to succeed with me.

Did you see how many great reviews the WWE got for that move? It was a ton just so you know.

Listen promoters, it's not tough to make us happy. Surprise us and give us something good—that is how you can do well. One way to surprise us is to rid yourself of moles who give out information.

If you do that, you will surprise us all of the time.

How do you give us something good on TV?

Simply look at who the fans seem to like a lot. And also look at guys who can give us some great story lines, and freakin' use them!

CM Punk and Matt Hardy are two classic examples of how to not use someone correctly. In 2009, CM Punk was used very well, especially in his rivalry with Jeff Hardy, even though his message of Straight Edge was used in a stupid way.

Now, Punk formed a group that went nowhere and wasn't even used well on SmackDown. Heck, when the SES was together, he could have done well in a world title-type of situation, but was put down in the mid-card.

He was a main-eventer stuck in a mid-card picture.

Now he is back on a stacked RAW, which will mean he won't move up once again, despite having fans rally to get him back in the main-event picture.

Matt Hardy, who finally got the release he wanted a few days ago, was around for 10 years and deserved a world title. And please don't try and say that ECW title was his world title—that's a load of crap.

He proved that fans would love him as a world title-holder and that he would go somewhere had he seen the world title picture. But because he got hurt later in his career, the WWE didn't even give him a chance to get back to where he once was, despite having us—the fans—on his side, who really actually matter to the WWE.

Yet, the WWE wonders why the IWC is so critical...examples A and B are right there.

Yes, sometimes we say stuff that makes promoters or wrestlers mad, but a lot of the time it's the truth. Whether they want to admit to it or not.

I know I have done some news stories that got me in hot water with certain people. One being a Spike TV vice president. I was right, but he didn't like what I had to say. Also, I criticized moves that they made, which also ticked him off.

I told the plain truth, yet he didn't care for it. That's not my fault. I just stated my opinion and reported facts.

I say all this to make some points about the IWC that people forget. You can please us, you just have to listen. We will make you mad, but those who take criticism well will not have an issue with us, they just want to prove us wrong. WHICH WE WANT YOU TO DO!

Some will still always have some sort of battle to fight, even when you do actually put out great stuff. But, that's the beauty and the torture about the IWC—you please us, but we will always want more.

So, what do you think of yourselves, ladies and gentlemen? Since you are a part of the IWC if you do anything that states your opinion involving wrestling online.



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