Matt Leinart is a USC Trojan but is acting like he's learned nothing

andrewCorrespondent IAugust 20, 2008

I just want to know what Matt Leinart is doing right here.

As I have chronicled before, Matt Leinart is a guy who loves his own celebrity, and takes advantage of it, much in the same way 98% of us probably would if we were in our mid-20s, with millions of dollars, and was ‘handsome as all git-out’ (which is a technical quantification of attractiveness).

I’m just confused as to what on earth is going on in this photo above.

What does USC teach its students? Nothing worthwhile, apparently, and certainly nothing about how to behave oneself in public.

When you couple this bit of Leinart debauchery with Carson Palmer’s (another former USC quarterback) gaffe last month, I have to think that the Trojans should be sending their jocks to finishing school.