Eric LeGrand Needs Your Thoughts and Prayers: Keep Fighting Eric!

Double G SportsCorrespondent IOctober 18, 2010

Everyone once in a while we experience what is most feared in sports, particularly football. It is rarely talked about and something you never want to see. 

One hit was all it took for an entire stadium to go silent. One hit was all it took to change the life of a young college student and football player.

Rutgers junior defensive tackle Eric LeGrand made what would normally be called a great play. LeGrand made a big hit to stop an Army kick returner from breaking loose.

Once contact was made however, LeGrand immediately fell to the ground motionless. Something nobody wants to see. Medical personel and head coach Greg Schiano immediately ran out onto the field, fearing the worst.

With a silent stadium, players from both teams on a knee, the stretcher was brought out and a neck brace was placed on #52, Eric LeGrand. Fans all around the stadium were holding their breath and praying that the injury looked worse than it really was.

When LeGrand’s mother was called down from the stands, you knew the doctors thought it was serious. This kind of injury brings tears to anyone’s eyes and puts a knot in your throat.

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