Tim Tebow: Should Josh McDaniels and Denver Broncos Be Giving Him Snaps Yet?

Philip LombardoCorrespondent IOctober 18, 2010

DENVER - OCTOBER 17:  Quarterback Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Broncos celebrates his touchdown run in the first half against the New York Jets at INVESCO Field at Mile High on October 17, 2010 in Denver, Colorado.  (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)
Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

When the Denver Broncos drafted Tim Tebow with the 25th pick in the 2010 NFL draft, the buzz around the league was how Tim would fit into the Denver offense, who already had Kyle Orton coming off a solid year and another first rounder as a backup in Brady Quinn.

With Orton having a career year so far, Tebow had seen little action, rushing the ball twice for two yards in the season opener. He did not see action for the following four weeks.  But yesterday, when Tebow's number was called near the goal line against the Jets, he showed his versatility, rushing the ball for a five-yard touchdown and accumulating 23 yards on six carries for the game.

The question is, should Tebow even get snaps with Orton playing so well? Will his presence on the field disrupt the team's chemistry?

The answer is no.

Tim Tebow is a rare talent.  He is a big, strong, instinctive player with a great mind for the game.  He has a nose for the end zone and more heart and determination than most players.  Even with Orton's success, I think it is critical that you get Tim involved in the offense. 

He brings an element to your team that is hard to plan against as a defense, and he makes your offense that much more versatile near the goal line, which is very important with how hard it is to punch it in close to the end zone these days.

Sure his mechanics are a little off still, and he may not be best suited to throw the ball, but just having him on the field can confuse defenses and make them focus their attention on him.  It is also great to have him in the game because it gives him game experience.

Nothing is more important than getting snaps in real game situations and learning how to make plays in this league at a young age—especially for a quarterback.  God forbid Orton goes down, Tebow will have some experience and won't look like a deer in headlights out there.

McDaniels made it clear that he thinks Tebow can really help this team.  If he didn't, he wouldn't have wasted a first round pick on him.  Tim's mind, power and legs add an element to this offense that teams will have to plan around in the future. 

If anything, I think having him in the game will help the team chemistry and improve this offense immensely.  The more players and elements you have to account for on defense, the harder it is to stop a team.  The Broncos used Tebow effectively against one of the best defenses in football, the New York Jets, and it just makes teams think a little bit whenever he enters the game.

Maybe Tebow's impact this season won't be huge, but I am sure the experience he is getting will go a long way regarding his development, and the Broncos are a better team with him on the roster.