Why Did the WWE Start To Fall When These Superstars Left/Passed ?

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IIOctober 18, 2010

This list won’t include HBK, Rock or Austin because it will be too obvious as to why the WWE is failing.

I decided to choose ten wrestlers’s who I feel that since their premature departure or passing on from the company, the WWE has slowly started to decline and not because of the PG era but because of the lack of pure talent that is out there. 

I feel that these stars had something that made people tune in every week.

So please comment and feel free to voice your opinion—thanks for reading.

10: Eddie Guerrero — Unpredictability

What did Eddie Guerrero have that made him loved world wide, compared to the current superstars?

Well, Eddie has a lot of experience for starters—having wrestled all over the world for over 20 years and being brought up in a wrestling family, it is only natural that Eddie picked up on some unique skills during his time as a wrestler in the WWE.

Eddie had a long and gracious life in the ring. While his personal problems affected him dearly, it never stopped him from delivering his 100% focus and determination to the wrestling universe—as long as he was breathing he would make sure that the Fans got their money's worth.

Eddie may have only won one major championship in his career; however, he will be remembered more for what he did for the sport.

Since his death, no one has ever come close to delivering the excitement and energy that Latino Heat brought to the company on a weekly basis. While Guys like Rey and Christian may have the wrestling ability that can electrify an audience with a single move, they lack the chemistry to interact with the audience; therefore, the audience loses interest in the match because once Rey does his 619, that’s it—he has become so predictable that no one seems to have the energy to care or get excited.

9: Brock Lesnar Natural Display of Power

Ever since Brock Lesnar quit the company in 2004, no one has showed the aggression and tenacity that Lesnar use to deliver.

Brock, as we all know, was naturally gifted he was able to work with any wrestler in the locker room. While he was known for botching his moves on numerous occasions, the audience never seem to care because by him botching his moves, it only made Lesnar that much scarier.  

The closest thing the WWE has at the moment to a Lesnar, is Khali, Mark Henry and Big Show—while these three men are also incredibly strong, they don’t have the quality to use their strength to their advantage. 

Lesnar had the best run for a newcomer in the business. He was billed as "The Next Big Thing" by manager Paul Heyman, a man who would stop at nothing to get to the top.

Lesnar accomplished more in two years with the company than most wrestlers in their careers. 

He won the Royal Rumble, KOTR, three WWE Championships, and he headlined Wrestlemania XIX. The difference with Lesnar and John Cena for example is that the push Lesnar got suited his character and persona, and no one really in the WWE Universe complained.

His agility, aerial ability and amazing strength made him a real force to be reckoned with.

Sheamus can be compared to Lesnar in terms of break out star who made it to the top in a short period of time; however, with Sheamus, he does not bring anything new to the table, his in ring ability is subpar and his charisma is nothing short of weak.

As soon as Lesnar entered the ring, we knew we would be in for a treat—just look at his match against Rock at Summerslam. The people turned on the People’s champ because they knew that Brock was in fact the next big thing.

I assure you if Brock faced Undertaker at Wrestlemania 18 and defeated him, no one would have cared that much; whereas if Sheamus defeated Taker in Wrestlemania 27, there will be a riot. 

8: Chris Benoit — Work Horse

Benoit dedicated his life to the sport of Professional Wrestling. He started at New Japan Pro Wrestling and eventually worked his way to the WWE.

Benoit was one of the great pure wrestlers the company had to offer.

His matches alone were treated with tremendous respect by those around him. I truly enjoyed his feud with Kurt Angle in particular; at a time where entertainers such as Rock, HHH and Austin were calling the shots, these two men showed the other side or the forgotten side of wrestling in all its glory.

In terms of current stars who give it their all in the ring, I would have to say that John Cena, who while not the best in the ring, does go out their and give the audience the money’s worth.

However, Benoit (who had no charisma whatsoever), got a standing ovation after each and every match that he participated in. 

7: Rob Van Dam The Whole Dam Show

Not every star can go out their and state that he is the "Whole Dam Show;" however, RVD was one of those very few superstars who managed to prove his worth. 

When I look at the current stars in the business, you can count how many pure talents there are in one hand; however, during RVD’s time in the company, the rosters were packed with talent that it was hard to make a name for yourself.

Guys like the aforementioned and RVD managed to do so due their amazing work ethic and respect that not only the opponents gave them but the fans as well.

RVD, known for his frog splash as well as his educated feet, managed to put on some of the greatest matches known to man. His feud with Jeff Hardy has to be up there, as well as his match with ECW originals.

RVD knew how to be a performer; however, I feel that his cocky attitude ended up being his ultimate downfall.

I hope Orton does not fall under the same spell as RVD, only time will tell. 

6: JBL Main Event Filler

When JBL was Bradshaw, he was one of those wrestlers who the fans always took a liking to. However, he lacked that extra something to make him into a global superstar.

When the APA disbanded, Bradshaw became JBL—a rich Texan who had a point to prove. 

He won the WWE title off Eddie at The (Great American) Bash and went on to hold the belt for 10 months before losing it to John Cena.

JBL showed a different side to him that no one thought was possible; he was able to generate such heat from the audience that on some occasions we could barely hear the man speak.

Although his reign was not exactly superb, it did manage to show us what a Bradshaw could accomplish if given the opportunity. I wonder if WWE will use these methods with the likes of Morrison and Company.

5: Batista Alternative to John Cena

Batista seems to be a forgotten wrestler these days—ever since his departure earlier this year, Batista seems to have left a sour taste in all WWE fans' mouth worldwide. 

However, Batista, like Randy Orton, started of small he was the bodyguard of D-Von and then he slowly transgressed from being the power of Evolution to the ultimate destroyer of the power stable.

There is no doubt that Batista is one strong dude, but Batista's in-ring ability has often been questioned.

He has headlined Wrestlemania on a few occasions and has won a Royal Rumble; he and Cena were the faces of the company from 2006 onwards.

His dedication to the business and his time at the top was something else.

4: Booker T Decorated Champion

Booker T, or King Booker as he was once known, is perhaps the most decorated black wrestler in the history of wrestling.

He has won nearly every single title and still holds the record as the most successful WCW Tag team champion along with elder brother Stevie Ray.

He is a former five-time WCW Champion and one-time World Champion, 2006 KOTR Champion, IC, US and Tag champion.

Booker T was very agile and tough when it came to wrestling. He was able to perform aerial assaults as well as ground-based attacks making him the perfect all rounded wrestler.

3: Ric Flair — Part Time Wrestler Who We Can't Get Enough Of

Flair was a great wrestler/manager, who when in the ring showed the world why he is the dirtiest payer in the game.

Flair has always had a great following of fans where ever he went, being how the former 16 time world champion has been wrestling for over 40 years.

Flair was one of those guys who you would never mind if he wrestled a match now and again.

2: Kurt Angle The Total Package

Kurt Angle is known around the world as an Olympic Gold Medalist, WWE Champion, TNA Champion, NJPW Champion, WCW Champion, World Champion and a host full of other titles. 

It is only natural for Kurt Angle to be regarded as the greatest in ring technician in wrestling history. With a great amateur background in wrestling, Angle has managed to develop great mat, technical, grappling and pound for pound combat skills that can be compared to any other wrestler to date.

He showcases some of his talent during his matches with Benoit, Lesnar and Jericho. I know many people would consider Bret Hart, Dean Malenko or Jericho to be the top contenders for this award; however, when Kurt gets in a ring, there is no competition

Swagger and Danielson have no chance in duplicating what Angle accomplished—Angle had great talent to work with, whereas these two superstars are the only competition in the business. 

1: Muhammad Hassan Genuine Heel

Hassan for me was one of the greatest wrestlers and Heels in the modern era.

His persona, gimmick and character was great; however, although it was perhaps not used under the right circumstances, it still managed to show us what type of talent Hassan really is.

He had a great undefeated streak in the company, before Cena and Batista had their ways with him—something that I hoped Khali and Kozlov would duplicate.

Hassan was a Super Heel—a wrestler who knew what he was doing and knew how to create a negative reaction from the audience.

The great thing about how they booked Hassan was the way he defeated the likes of Jericho, Benoit, HBK, Slaughter, Lawler, Hogan and others—they made his streak reputable instead of giving him no names that he could squash under 2 minutes.

While this angered the crowd, his reputation only went from strong to stronger.

It is a shame we will never see a Heel of his likes again in the company. 


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