Who's Next In Line For The Leafs "C"

Jack PorterCorrespondent IAugust 20, 2008

With the chances of Mats Sundin returning becoming slimmer every passing day, who will step into the leadership role?

Thomas Kaberle?

A great D-man who leads by example.

Jason Blake?

Bill Masterson award winner, a pesky forward with a nose for the net and has showed he can play no matter what personal issues arise.

Matt Stajan?

A young gun with loads of potential. could be a leader for years to come.

Alex Steen?

A rising star and like Stajan will be around for many more years.

Pavel Kubina?

A Stanley Cup ring on his finger and can shut-down the back end (when he wants to)

Also a rotating "C" is always an option and maybe that is how they'll find the right guy.

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