New Orleans Saints Drew Brees and Chris Ivory: Poetry in Motion

Rich FernandesCorrespondent IOctober 18, 2010

Chris Ivory
Chris IvoryChristian Petersen/Getty Images

Finally!  Six games into the 2010-11 NFL season and the New Orleans Saints are playing like the Old Orleans Saints again, which means they have reverted back to their innate ass kicking ways!

The Saints critics have been growing in leaps and bounds as the season progressed and as right tackle Jon Stinchcomb points out,

"I think we wanted to answer some of our critics and really prove to ourselves that we can play a lot better ball than we have shown so far, so to be able to come out today and really put some points on the board feels good."

Week 7 will be a bye week for the Saints.  That’s because they’re going head-to-head with the Cleveland Browns.  Not much to preview for that forecasted blowout encounter! 

The Browns are only 1-5 and were crushed by Pittsburgh last Sunday 28-10 as their running game and defense are both on life support.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that next week they’ll be 1-6, by simple deduction.

Brown’s QB Colt McCoy is capable of putting up some decent numbers, but the team as a whole is not much for the Saints to worry about at all.  Like I said, Week 7 will be a bye week for the Saints. 

This past Sunday, the Saints demoralized Tampa Bay 31-6 on the Bucks home turf while executing most excellently on both sides of the ball, and what a change compared to the previous five nail biting, heart stopping games. 

This was a euphoric victory for the defending champs, so look for more of the same next week vs. the Cleveland Browns. 

The following Saints vs. Bucs game recap could easily be a glimpse into Week 7’s scrimmages that could reflect both the Saints offensive and defensive dominance, carried over. 

The Saints were simply awesome on offense vs. the Bucs defense, marching forward for 475 yards, easily their best this season.  Drew Brees was 21 for 32 yielding 263 yards and three touchdowns in the process of resurrecting his deep passing game from the dead.  He had only one interception compared with three against the Cardinals in Week 5. 

Also look for Breeze to be even sharper in Week 7 because he's getting into the groove.

Brees connected with Robert Mecheam for 4 completions and 71 yards including one score.  Our lead conductor also threw strikes to Moore (2 for 57), Colsten (5 for 53), Shockey (2 for 21), Thomas (3 for 17), Ivory (1 for 17), Grahm (1 for 11), and three others with single digit gains.  Now that’s what I call spreading the ball around.

Good luck to the defense of the Cleveland Browns!

Brees was poetry in motion and it’s nice to see that he has so many options available to move the offense forward.

The biggest offensive story for the Saints this week wasn’t even Drew Brees, as hard as it is to believe.  That’s because rookie running back, Chris Ivory (who?!) ran for an incredible 158 yards on only 15 carries for a simply astounding average of 10.5 yards. 

How do you spell “first down”? 

Simple:  I–V–O–R–Y! 

So just who is Mr. Chris Ivory?  I don’t know but I’m starting to pay attention. 

Apparently Chris is an undrafted free agent out of Division II Tiffin, and this is his first NFL season.  Undrafted, really?  Before Week 6, he had played in three games for the Saints rushing for a decent 119 yards on 29 attempts. 

Drew Brees had this to say about the Saints new rabbit in the hat:  “He's a young back that's got a lot of talent, still learning his way around this league.  Obviously, he had a huge day.''


Also obviously, the Big Easy’s prayers have been answered, because Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush were still out and an angel has dropped mysteriously down from the sky into the Saints laps.

You can tell Chris Ivory has something to prove from his hard work ethic.

''I've been working hard at practice every day of the week, trying to get better...You put the work into it, something is going to come out of it,'' Ivory said. ''I know every game probably is not going to be the best, but I'm going to try and take a step every game.''

Good for you Chris and good for our Saints!

Ivory’s contribution was huge today and coupled with Brees’ solid effort from the slot, the Saints were not forced to punt until the fourth quarter.  This was nice, very nice especially considering that the Saints were averaging a putrid 75.6 yards through the first five games.

How about the defense you ask?  They did very well thank you, as you can see from the final score.  Shutdown defense is the only way to play for these boys from the Deep South, and so glad they remembered how to execute with that killer D instinct.

Big D applied significant pressure to Bucs QB Josh Freeman who made 25 completions on 43 attempts.  Freeman looked uncomfortable in the slot despite the Saints inability to sack or intercept him, but the pressure was there all the same.

Big D was extremely motivated as defensive end Jimmy Wilkerson, who got a sack on Tampa Bay backup quarterback Josh Johnson, commented,

"We were gunning for the shutout but at the same time we're just happy to get this win. We wanted to go out there today and prove to everybody we do have a good defense, and I think we did prove that."

Yes they did.

Some of the walking wounded found their way back into the lineup for Week 6 including defensive end Will Smith, and tight end Jeremy Shockey.  More are expected next week including key offensive producers Pierre Thomas and possibly even Reggie Bush.

So what is the big picture now in the New Orleans Saints quest for a second straight Super Bowl?  They are tied for first in the NFCs South Division with the Atlanta Falcons, both at 4-2. 

In Week 7 vs. Cleveland the Saints will improve to a win loss record of 5-2, compliments of the Browns.  In fact, there is only one way for the Browns to beat the Saints in Week 7 and that’s in their dreams!

Week 8 will be a very much anticipated showdown on the gridiron as the Saints Clash with the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

The fans of enemy teams should start getting scared, but they will still want to watch as the New Orleans Saints steamroll over their teams. 

That’s because football flows through your very fiber!


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