Amanda Vanderpool And The NHL's 25 Hottest Ice Girls

John TaboneCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2010

Amanda Vanderpool And The NHL's 25 Hottest Ice Girls

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    When I say the word "cheerleaders", what sports come to mind? NBA and NFL?

    A little known fact is that a growing number of NHL teams are adopting the cheerleading trend, ever since the New York Islanders started the tradition a few years ago. Each team has a corny name for each of their squads, but to fans, they are simply known as Ice Girls.

    Here are the 25 hottest ice girls in the NHL.

25. Annie (Pittsburgh Penguins)

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    The Penguins are hot right now, and the same could be said about Annie.

24. Allie (Florida Panthers)

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    The Florida Panthers might not make the playoffs this year, but with girls like Allie at games, selling tickets should not be a problem.

23. Tara (Pittsburgh Penguins)

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    The Penguins make the list again with this beautiful brunette. 

22. Kalli (Columbus Blue Jackets)

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    The Blue Jackets are an up-and-coming team, and with prospects like Kalli, the team will go places.

21. Kacey (Nashville Predators)

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    The Preds might be in a weak hockey market, but they do have one thing others team don't—southern belles.

20. Sarah (Washington Capitals)

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    Alex Ovechkin isn't the only hot item on the Caps anymore.

19. Jess (Boston Bruins)

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    Jess is definitely not the Bruins' mascot. 

18. Kristy (New York Islanders)

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    Kristy is one of the legendary Islanders' Ice Girls. They started the tradition, and although I am a Ranger fan, I love them for that.

17. Vanessa (Los Angeles Kings)

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    Vanessa is one of the reasons that men love SoCal.

16. Alison (New York Islanders)

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    Alison is one of the few original Islanders ice girls to make the list.

15. Ashley (Washington Capitals)

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    The second Caps ice girl on the list, Ashley could just be the missing piece for the Washington Capitals.

14. Talia (Chicago Blachawks)

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    Exotic name for an exotic girl.

13. Jennifer (Los Angeles Kings)

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    I love the L.A. Kings.

12. Kirstie (Atlanta Thrashers)

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    From all my research of Ice Girls, I have come to realize that the Atlanta Thrashers have the best overall group of the bunch. Just look at Kirstie!

11. Candace (Atlanta Thrashers)

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    Another example of why Atlanta's "Blue Crew" is the best in the game. 

10. Gabby (Los Angeles Kings)

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    Gabby: The Princess of the Los Angeles Kings

9. Whitney (Carolina Hurricanes)

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    Sophisticated yet gorgeous. 

8. Sara (Los Angeles Kings)

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    Sara: The Queen of the Los Angeles Kings

7. Laura (Anaheim Ducks)

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    It's not surprising that the hottest ice girls can be found on Cali's teams. 

6. Maggie (Carolina Hurricanes)

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    The second Hurricane ice girl on the list, Maggie loves strutting her stuff on ice for the Canes.

5. Chanel (New York Islanders)

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    Typical L.I. girl, and that's certainly not a bad thing now, is it?

4. Kaylin (Atlanta Thrashers)

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    Who doesn't love a lady in uniform?

3. Grace (Dallas Stars)

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    Absolutely stunning! Oh, and I love women that like to show off their flexibility. 

2. Jenn (Detroit Red Wings)

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    That's Jenn with two n's—not one. Rumor has it that she is the reason why the Wings make the playoffs every year.

1. Amanda Vanderpool (Anaheim Ducks)

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    ...You should have dropped your jaws by now. There are so many things that I could say about Amanda and this picture. 

    1. She's Dutch

    2. She's got the right assets

    3. She would be from California

    4. I now love the color magenta or whatever that shade of pink her lingerie is

    For more pictures of the amazing Amanda, check out her modeling portfolio on her personal site. Also please follow Amanda on Twitter!