West Virginia Football: Top Twenty in the Initial BCS Poll? Twenty, Baby!

Tim McGheeCorrespondent IIIOctober 17, 2010

The elusive crystal football.
The elusive crystal football.Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The Bowl Championship Series is laying it on the line this evening.  There are more polls floating through the Internet right now than there were Catholics daydreaming at Mass today.

I got my poll on board at just after 11:00 this morning.  Always wanting to be original, it was important to me to rank what I called an Intuitive Top Ten before the coaches and the writers and the experts voted.

As if...

Also, I was compelled to further analyze the situation, stretch the poll out to an Intuitive Top Twenty and found a way to get West Virginia involved.

My best guess came as a result of the losses suffered by Associated Press No.19 Nevada, No. 22 Florida, No. 23 Air Force and No. 24 Oregon State.  I saw a void most aptly filled by last week's No. 25 West Virginia, so I posted the Mountaineers at No. 19 between undefeated Missouri and two-loss Arkansas.


Now the Bowl Championship Series has spoken.

After spending a good deal of the past months writing about how WVU head coach Bill Stewart better go hard or go home, it may surprise some that I am satisfied with the BCS No. 20 ranking.

West Virginia, as a team, has worked hard to earn that slot.  With its only loss being a tight one at LSU, the Mountaineers are positioned to get a much higher rank if they win out in the Big East. 

That's not going to be easy, with Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and, Louisville coming on as they are.  If WVU does go 11-1, a BCS bowl berth is automatic and a BCS Top Ten slot is not out of the question.

As an objective and reasonable featured columnist for Bleacher Report, I can list and expound on a few issues that could send West Virginia to the Meineke Bowl. 

And I will.

On this day, however, it's time to give WVU football the limelight.

Congratulations, gentlemen!  Go for it!