Green Bay Packers: 5 Coaches Who Should Replace Mike McCarthy

Adam Spencer@AdamSpencer4Correspondent IOctober 17, 2010

Green Bay Packers: 5 Coaches Who Should Replace Mike McCarthy

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    On the heels of the Green Bay Packers second straight overtime loss, this time to the Miami Dolphins, the team needs to shake things up.

    They should start by firing head coach Mike McCarthy.  McCarthy's incompetence in the second half of football games is costing his team wins.

    The Packers are the worst second-half team in the league, and five of their six games have been decided by seven points or less.

    I know Green Bay has been absolutely devastated by injury, but they are still competing.

    If they were getting blown out every week, I would say give McCarthy a chance since all his players are hurt. But since the team has been competitive all year, there has to be something else causing this disappointing season.

    That something else is McCarthy, who, in the fourth quarter of close games, can be found on the sideline, staring down the offensive play card with a confused look, as if someone handed him a healthy salad instead of the double cheeseburger he ordered.

    If the Packers are going to contend for a Super Bowl, either this year or in the near future, they'll need a new head coach leading the way. 

    Here are five head coaches who the Packers should pursue to replace McCarthy.

5. Leslie Frazier

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    Leslie Frazier, the Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator, has been interviewed for a few head coaching jobs but has never been given the job.

    It wouldn't hurt the Packers to give him a look after this season.

    Current defensive coordinator Dom Capers is getting old and might not be coaching for much longer.

    Plus, Frazier has been coaching a stout Minnesota Vikings defense that doesn't commit many penalties—something the Packers need to work on if they want to be serious Super Bowl contenders.

4. Kyle Shanahan

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    Yes, Kyle Shanahan is only 30 years old but that youth could help the young Packers team.

    He could step in and work as a peer with the veteran leaders of the team.  He can relate to the team better than an old head coach who played in the smash-mouth, run-the-football era of the NFL.

    This wouldn't work everywhere, but since the Packers have no divas who demand attention, it could be worth a shot to bring in a young head coach.

    After all, it worked in Pittsburgh with Mike Tomlin.

    Plus, Shanahan is an offensive mind who might let Aaron Rodgers open up the offense even more than it already is.

    I'm excited just thinking about the possibilities.

3. Winston Moss

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    Moss is already Green Bay's assistant head coach.  Maybe it's time to give the current inside linebackers coach the head job.

    But what would that mean for the offense?

    Basically, it would give offensive coordinator Joe Philbin a shot to take over the offensive play-calling.  Maybe he'll be able to solve the Packers' offensive problems in the second half.

2. Jon Gruden

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    Jon Gruden is currently a color commentator for ESPN's Monday Night Football broadcasts, but there is a clause in his contract (which runs through the 2011 season) that ESPN can't stop him from becoming an NFL head coach during that time.

    While the team that hires him would probably have to pay ESPN a fee for his release, it might be worth it for the Green Bay Packers to take a flier.

    Gruden is an offensive guru with a Super Bowl championship already under his belt.  Basically, he knows how to win big games—something the Packers haven't been able to do under McCarthy.

1. Bill Cowher

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    While Bill Cowher's would most likely land at the Carolina Panthers (he lives in North Carolina), the Packers should do everything they can to convince him to come to Green Bay.

    Cowher would step in and immediately solve the Packers' penalty issues.  He simply wouldn't tolerate some of the stupid ways the Packers shoot themselves in the foot.

    He's also another proven winner.  He has one more Super Bowl ring than Mike McCarthy will ever have.  The Packers have nothing to lose by making Bill Cowher their next head coach.