Brett Favre-Jenn Sterger: Whose Side Are You On?

Mary Ann ReitanoContributor IIIOctober 17, 2010

Team Farve or Team Sterger?
Team Farve or Team Sterger?

Hello Sports Fans!

While bouncing around B/R and reading some of the articles my fellow writers have been publishing on the Favre/Sterger Scandal, I have come to the conclusion that some have simply picked sides for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with the facts in the case, and everything to do with their personal opinions of each of the parties involved. 

While I have been hard at working writing a three-part series examining the facts in the case and attempting to find clarity in evidence that is murky at best, the majority of folks have made their minds up already and the evidence be damned. 

Green Bay Packer fans seem to come in two forms; those who still respect Favre and what he did while in Green Bay and those that despise him for his "yes, no, maybe no, maybe yes, maybe yes/no" antics before leaving the loyalest of fan bases.  As a semi-Packers fan, I can certainly understand their feelings of betrayal. 

Those who still respect Favre are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt thus far, while the flip side of the coin is at Home Depot buying the lumber to build the gallows. 

Then there are those on the Sterger side who think that regardless of the way she dresses or how she makes a living that she deserves to be given the satisfaction of the doubt for multiple reasons—Favre is a known womanizer and the fact that men in general are, in some circles, accepted to be the pigs that we know them to be.  So, it is quite possible that these allegations are true. 

The fourth group, which I have been erroneously accused of belonging to, are those who see Sterger as a media opportunist looking for the next step up on the career ladder. Someone who invented and concocted this entire story with the help of Deadspin in a mutually beneficial way at the expense of a professional athlete, with a checkered past, who the world would have no problem believing would do such things. 

While I can certainly understand the knee-jerk reaction to choose a side based on principle alone, I want to urge everyone, possibly even challenge everyone to take a good hard look at the evidence presented and decide if it is enough to convict Favre or enough to convict Sterger? 

So, where do you stand?