Fantasy Football NFL Power Rankings: Top-10 Quarterbacks and Scoring Formats

Lake CruiseAnalyst IOctober 17, 2010

Fantasy Football NFL Power Rankings: Top-10 Quarterbacks and Scoring Formats

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    Which QBs have chopped liver for opponents in NFL Week 6?

    The answer may surprise you.

    My advice may give you the edge in this critical week.

10. Drew Brees: New Orleans Saints

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    He faces a stingy Tampa Bay defense.

    Without his main weapons Brees is a mere mortal.

    Until Marques Colston steps up Drew is a medium value start.

    He is great across all formats when at his best.

    Start him with caution this week.

9. Kevin Kolb: Philadelphia Eagles

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    DeSean Jackson can blow past Atlanta's pass defenders.

    Jeremy Maclin can also fly.

    If Kolb connects then a high value game ensues.

    He is worth a start in all formats this week.

8. David Garrard: Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Tennessee has found it almost impossible to stop NFL QBs this season.

    He should be a valuable start in formats.

    Maurice Jones-Drew could steal some of Garrard's value in some Yahoo! formats.

7. Joe Flacco: Baltimore Ravens

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    New England gives up about 270 yards to QBs per game.

    This won't change in Week 6.

    Flacco is rosterable in every Fantasy Football scoring format in the history of fantasy.

6. Jay Cutler: Chicago Bears

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    High risk high reward here.

    He is back after a hiatus due to a concussion.

    The Seattle Seahawks are vying for last place in NFL pass defense.

    That would get any QB healthy.

    Start Cutler in scoring formats.

5. Ben Roethlisberger: Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Cleveland is vulnerable in run defense.

    That will open things up for Pittsburgh's deep and intermediate routes.

    The Browns' pass defense is ranked in the middle of the NFL's teams.

    Ben is a high value start in all formats this week.

4. Matt Schaub: Houston Texans

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    Andre Johnson is getting healthier.

    Jacoby Jones is back to provide another intermediate and deep threat for Houston.

    Owen Daniels has played well in the last two games.

    Kansas City is talented but young and unimpressive in the NFL pass defense world.

    The stage is set for one of Schaub's high value games.

3. Philip Rivers: San Diego Chargers

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    The Rams are 22nd ranked in pass defense.

    Chopped liver for Rivers.

    He is a stud in formats across the Fantasy Football board in Week 6.

    One may get bored watching the fireworks.

2. Eli Manning: New York Giants

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    He is the seventh ranked NFL passer going into Week 6.

    He averages 260 or so yards per game.

    The Lions give up about 230.  Good for a 24th ranking out of 32 teams.

    Start him in all formats.

1. Peyton Manning: Indianapolis Colts

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    His Fantasy Football owners will have a picnic day.

    If you also have Reggie Wayne on the same team then it will be a feast.

    The Redskins are just about last in the NFL in pass defense.

    Against Peyton Manning?

    Hide the ladies, little ones, and the gentlemen.